Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee works together to implement projects, carry out events, and promote sustainability on campus. 

Throughout the year, we work on implementing sustainability initiatives in collaboration with other sustainability groups on campus to contribute to the bettering of Iowa State. These include projects such as 

  • Composting initiatives
  • Reducing plastic consumption in the dining halls
  • Creating a Climate Commitment Plan
  • And others that our committee members are passionate about.

In addition, Sustainability Committee puts on two large events a year:

  • America Recycles Day and SciNite.
  • We also participate in events put on by the Office of Sustainability such as Earth Day events and Sustainapalooza. 

Sustainability Committee also works with the Green Initiatives Fund Committee to allocate funds to student lead organizations’ events in Ames and at Iowa State that promote sustainability.

Meetings of the Sustainability Committee happen weekly on Tuesdays from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. 

Statement from the Committee Chair:

This year Sustainability Committee will strive to make long term changes for Iowa State University to be more sustainable through the initiatives we pursue. We will work to educate students about the importance of sustainability and how they can get involved on campus and in their daily lives. 

As students on campus, we see things everyday in the dining halls or just walking to class that could be improved upon to be more environmentally friendly.  I see Sustainability Committee as a way for students to bring these issues to a group of peers and work to implement change!

- Izzy Wilde

Sustainability Committee Projects:

Izzy Wilde

Sci Nite – March 27th

Sci Nite – March 27th On behalf of the Student Government Sustainability Committee, we are currently planning an event called SciNite and are looking for

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Izzy Wilde

Carbon Removal Forum

Carbon Removal Forum The Carbon Removal Forum is a campus-wide event to harness knowledge and capacity toward developing an Iowa State University program in agriculturally-based

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Izzy Wilde

Climate Commitment Plan

Climate Commitment Plan – Sustainability Committee This was a collaboration with the Climate Reality Campus Corps to create a resolution urging university administration to transition

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Izzy Wilde

Sustainable Dining Practices

Sustainable Dining Practices – Sustainability Committee The committee passed a resolution encouraging ISU Dining to reduce the use of plastic bags, straws, etc and encourage

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Meet the Sustainability Committee Chair

Izzy Wilde

Sustainability Committee Chair

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Check out the Green Initiative Fund Committee!

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The committee would love to hear what you have in mind to help better elevate student lives at Iowa State University related to sustainability.