Candidate Information

Candidate Information

This page contains biographies provided by the candidates. For more information on election visit our elections page or contact the Election Commission. Happy Voting!

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Executive Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of President and Vice-President in this years General Election for ISU Student Government.

Holliday - Jones

Jennifer Holliday

Running for President

What’s up, Cyclone Nation? My name is Jennifer Holliday; I am a junior triple majoring in agriculture studies, journalism & mass communications, and international agriculture. This year in Student Government, I have had the pleasure of serving as your President of the Student Body, and I am running for re-election to have the incredible opportunity to continue my service for and with the students. Over the past year in my role, I have had large focuses and success within the areas of mental health, college affordability, and equal opportunity for student success. Sydney Jones and I are excited to continue working in those areas as well as more in our new platform centralized around YOUR voice, OUR mission! Follow our campaign Instagram @hollidayandjones to learn more! 

Sydney Jones

Running for Vice President

I’m Sydney Jones, a sophomore majoring in Cyber Security Engineering from Donnellson, Iowa. My dedication is rooted in creating a secure, inclusive, and nurturing environment at Iowa State, where every student not only feels welcome but truly embraced. I chose to run for Vice President of the Student Body because I believe that your voice is our mission. It’s time to ensure that every decision made reflects the best interests of the student body and contributes to building a stronger, more inclusive Iowa State. Together, let’s make our university a place where every student is not just heard but actively engaged in shaping the future, we all share.

Hursh - Margrett

Martin Hursh

Running for President

Presidential Candidate and current Finance Director Martin Hursh has spent his term working to support student organizations while, at the same time, keeping costs low for students. Martin is an effective student leader who knows firsthand how Student Government should be doing more to make our college experience better. With your support, he’ll bring a bold new interpretation of the role of Student Body President. Follow @Hursh.Margrett on Instagram as we Say Less and Do More.

Quinn Margrett

Running for Vice President

Incumbent Student Body Vice President Quinn Margrett has spent his term fostering campus diversity, revolutionizing Student Government’s outreach, and fighting for affordability. Quinn is an experienced Vice President with an undisputed record of getting things done. Student Government has not been working for the student body, and Quinn knows it’s time we change that. Follow @Hursh.Margrett on Instagram as we Say Less and Do More.

Senator Candidates

College Senator Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of College Senator in the ISU Student Government. 

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Alex Cecil

My name is Alex Cecil, I am a fifth-year student in Agronomy and Mechanical Engineering, I have been a member of the student government since my freshman year and have been working that whole time to improve student life on campus. My driving force for being involved in student government is to make campus more welcoming and fun for anyone who steps on it, this spring I am the speaker of the senate and have been working with as many other senators as I can to facilitate their projects and help to make Iowa State a better place through collaboration with other members to share my experience and connections to help bring projects to fruition.

College of Design

Erik Rolwes

Hi everyone, I'm Erik Rolwes, a Sophomore studying Industrial Design at Iowa State. I've been involved in Student Government since August 2023. Driven by my passion for improving Iowa State and the College of Design, I've been honored to serve my fellow students over the past six months. My main goal for the next term is to strengthen the bond between the College of Design and the general student body by listening to my constituents. Proudly, I've helped revive the Design Council, a student-led organization defunct since 2018, aimed at empowering students and advocating for their interests. I'm committed to continuing to serve all the students at Iowa State and the College of Design. Thank you!

Hannah Everhart

Hey y’all, my name is Hannah Everhart and I’m a Junior studying Agricultural Communication and International Agriculture. Currently, I’m serving as your College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Senator and Vice Speaker of the Senate and would love to represent CALS for one more year! I’m currently working on some sustainability initiatives and accessibility initiatives, and plan to continue those within my next term. One initiative that I'm particularly excited about is the integration of more benches on campus that also happen to be made from recycled bottle caps! Ultimately, I decided to join student government on a whim last year, and it's been one of the best decisions I have made in my college career. I'd love your vote in this election and feel free to reach out at any time for more information on how student government can help you in your journey at Iowa State!

College of Engineering

Ismet Acikgoz

Hello everyone, my name is İsmet Açıkgöz. I am a senior majoring in Aerospace engineering; minoring in Biomedical Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Microbiology because I want to be an astronaut one day. Although I came from a suburb of Atlanta, I am originally from Ankara, Turkey, yet I was born in Düsseldorf, Germany. I feel like I embodied the core values of a true Cyclone engineer. I am honored to have had the privilege of serving for the College of Engineering since October of last year, and I strongly believe that I will continue this tremendously valuable service by being re-elected as a senator for my constituency.  

Lucky Onyekwelu-Udoka

Onyekwelu-Udoka Lucky, a committed Master's student in Computer Engineering at Iowa State University, is running for the Senator position within the College of Engineering. With a robust background in technology and a deep commitment to academic excellence, Lucky aims to bridge the gap between students' needs and the college's resources. My campaign enhances student engagement, promotes innovative research opportunities, and advocates for a more inclusive and diverse engineering community. My vision for the College of Engineering includes creating a more collaborative environment where students can thrive academically and personally. I plan to focus on initiatives that support student welfare, including mental health resources, career development programs, and hands-on learning experiences.

Graduate College

Currently, no candidates are running for the Graduate College Senate seats.

College of Human Sciences

Currently, no candidates are running for the College of Human Sciences Senate seats.

Ivy College of Business

Currently, no candidates are running for the Ivy College of Business Senate seats.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Evan Martinez

Evan Martinez currently serves as a Senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He is studying Political Science with other academic focuses in Philosophy and History. During his time serving the student body, Evan has sat on the finance committee where he has helped provide proper oversight on how student dollars are being spent and allocated on campus. Evan has used his voice as a senator to advocate for expanding free media sources available to students – he has worked closely with the Parks library to ensure that more outlets are offered for no extra cost to students on campus.

Justin Moran

College of Veterinary Medicine

Currently, no candidates are running for the College of Veterinary Medicine Senate seat.

Residency Senator Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of Residency Senator in the ISU Student Government. 

College Panhellenic Council Residences

Josie Pursley

Hello, my name is Josie Pursley and I am your current Sorority Senator! I am hoping to be elected as your 2024-2025 Sorority Senator again. I am a sophomore in political science with minors in business and environmental studies. I am also a proud member of Gamma Phi Beta! I am passionate about student government, and I love serving the Iowa State Community. I am hoping to continue my endeavors within the Sustainability Committee creating a more sustainable campus here at ISU! 

Frederiksen Court Apartments

Lauren Vierregger

My name is Lauren Vierregger and I am running for the Senatorial position of Fredrickson Court for the 2024-2025 school year. Next year I am planning on establishing a sense of community in the Fredrickson Court area, connecting FC to the central Campus, and bringing a voice to the students taking residence in Fredrickson Court. I am also planning on continuing current projects established by the apartments to implement a smooth transition and ensure there isn't a loss of current progress. Go Cyclones! 

Interfraternity Council Residences

Hunter Schneider

Off-Campus (UROC)

Kolton Eisma

My name is Kolton Eisma, a Junior in Agriculture Studies emphasizing Ag. Business, Management & Environmental Studies. I am currently re-running as a United Residents of Off-Campus Senator or UROC Senator for short. I plan on continuing my time within the senate as part of the Finance Committee, serving as the Vice-Chair to the Finance Director, where we allocate your student dollars to the best of our committee's ability. On top of that working with the current and new potential UROC senators in creating more transparency of what UROC is and how we can best reach out and support the students who live off campus who make up most of Iowa State's population! 

Josephine Kelly

Asray Gopa

My name is Asray and I'm a sophomore majoring in computer science. I have been in student government for about 2 years now and I have worked on a couple projects that have helped campus. Please vote for me so that I can continue to work on more cool projects as UROC senator! 

Alexandra Momaney

Hello, I am in my junior year at Iowa State, majoring in Global Resource Systems, with a technical area in sustainability and minors in political science and sociology. My goals for Senate is to help represent the underrepresented, and in general to help all students across campus voices to be heard. I look forward to hearing your ideas and supporting all my fellow Iowa State students!

Arjun Patel

My name is Arjun Patel, and I'm a sophomore majoring in computer science from the suburbs of Chicago. I am excited to be running for UROC senator, so please vote for me!

Ethan Rollinger

Hi! My name is Ethan Rollinger, and I am a junior double majoring in Agricultural Studies and Biology. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, working out, and being outside. I am running for a United Residence Off Campus Senatorial Seat in the 2024 elections. If I was elected for this position, I would represent the university and our student body well by advocating for what they want. Please vote for me to be a 2024 United Residence Off Campus Senator! 


Jonathon Te Slaa

Hello! My name is Jonathon Te Slaa, I am a Senior majoring in Agricultural Studies. In my free time I love physical activities and hanging out with friends. I am running for a United Residence Off Campus Senatorial Seat in the 2024 election. If I were selected for this position, I would be representing the university by being a voice for off campus needs. Please vote for me to be a 2024 United Residence Off Campus Senator! 

Residence Halls (IRHA)

Noah Kammeyer

Hi Cyclones, I'm Noah Kammeyer (He/Him/His), a First-Year Student majoring in Political Science. Currently, I reside in Birch-Welch-Roberts Hall as the Hall Council President and IRHA (Inter-Residence Hall Association) Representative, which has taught me a lot about the behind-the-scenes life at Iowa State and what improvements can be made. I am also the Vice President of FYC (First-Year Council) and have learned a lot (and continue to learn a lot) from student leaders across campus throughout my time on FYC. I'm running for Student Government with the goal of transparency, true representation, honesty, integrity, and determination. I plan to expand sustainability programs, reduce waste across all of campus, and introduce more focus on event accessibility and participation by all students at Iowa State.

Schilletter and University Village Apartments

Currently, no candidates are running for the Schilletter and University Village Apartments Senate seat.

2024 Election Results

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2023 Election Results

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2022 Election Results

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