Candidate Information

2021 Election Results

Within the four documents linked below, you will find all the information regarding the outcome of the 2021 ISU Student Government

Candidate Information

This page contains biographies that were given by the candidates running in the 2022 elections. For more information on election visit our elections page or contact the Election Commission. Happy Voting!

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Executive Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of the President and the Vice-President at the ISU Student Government. 

Senator Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of a Senator at the ISU Student Government. 

Meet the candidates here! Browse through the list of candidates or just scroll through the page. For any information on running or about election visit the Elections page.

BUSMarlyn TopeteJackson QuitaArianna Burkes   
CALSJennifer HollidayRebecka LarsonQuentin Slater   
DESEmi ThorntonHannah Overman    
Rakesh AvadhanulaMeredith MaysEzra OdoleJamie HossMadeline BeckerObi Agba
GPSSYonting GohEdward Mahoney    
ENGRachel SchnepfMax Kueller    

CPCHannah Peterson     
FREDDYKhushi Patel     
IFCMartin Hursh     
IRHAKolton Eisma     
SUVMansi Mhaskar     
UROCMolly SimmonsJacob FrencherAlejandra ZamoraNicholas TanseyAndrew BrueckBriana Flores
Alexandra MomaneySundar ShivrajElla SladeAeelyn MagallanesBrian Martinez-FloresKatherine Engelken
Andy Montalvo-MartinezStacia DreyTaylor MooreLena Vo  


Jacob Ludwig

Running for President

Hey Cyclones! My name is Jacob Ludwig, I am
a double major in Economics and Political
Science and I am running for Student Body
President. I have spent the last several years
working in and outside of Student Government
to better our community. Right now I serve as
Chief of Staff for the current President and Vice
President, helping them manage the Executive
Cabinet and making sure everyone has the
resources they need to get their work done. In
the past I’ve served in a variety of Student
Government leadership positions where I’ve
worked on issues of affordability, inclusivity, and
transparency among others. I am so excited to
start this campaign and to talk with you about
how we can empower ISU together.

Jaden Ahlrichs

Running for Vice-President

Hello Iowa State! My name is Jaden
Ahlrichs and I am a double major in Global
Resource Systems and Horticulture, and I
am running to be your next Student Body
Vice-President. Coming from small-town
Iowa, Iowa State has fostered a community
that has supported my academic, personal,
and professional success. I want every
student that comes to Iowa State to have
the same community that I have the
privilege of enjoying. As an RA, a
Residence Hall Senator, and a past Cyclone
Aide, I work to ensure new students have
access to the resources they need and
cultivate opportunities for community
building. Embarking on this journey to
empower ISU will be the highlight of my
college career and I can’t wait for you to join

Bryce and Jay

Bryce Garman

Running for President

Growing up on my family’s beef production farm in Algona, Iowa, allowed me to plant strong roots in advocacy and communication. I am fueled by relationships with others, dynamic leadership, and positive environments that allow all people to be successful. Influential experiences working with the Story County Board of Supervisors and as the Director of Marketing for Student Government have formed my passion for strong leadership in local government.


If elected, Jay and I will strive to advocate for our fellow Cyclones. It is important that every student understands that their voice matters and their ideas are always respected. I am running for Student Body President to be an advocate for all Cyclones and to cultivate community on Iowa State’s campus.

Jay Waagmeester

Running for Vice-President

An open-minded, down to earth sophomore originally from Rock, Rapids Iowa, my values lie in humility, compassion, and accountability. I see the value in differing perspectives and strive to cultivate environments where all students feel welcome and respected. 


I have a strong history of advocating for those in need, and will strive to bring those skills to the role of your Student Body Vice-President. Bryce and I look forward to practicing empathy, respect, and transparency in the upcoming year while strengthening collaboration, togetherness, and opportunities on Iowa State’s campus.

Senate Candidates


Arianna Burkes

Running for BUS Senate Seat
Hi! My name is Arianna Burkes. I am 18 years old and from Bolingbrook, Illinois. I’m a sophomore majoring in management information systems(MIS). I want to run with honesty and respect. I am running for Business Senate. I hope to not only make a difference on campus but be a person students feel they can reach out to and be their voice as well. My goal is to help provide safe, effective, and sustainable facilities for our campus environment and implement equity, diversity, and inclusion. I will participate in debates that are regarding student issues.

Quita Jackson

Running for BUS Senate Seat
Hello! My name is Quita Jackson. I was born in Monrovia, Liberia and moved to the United States at the age of 7. I am a junior majoring in Business Analytics with a minor in Data Science. I am currently the historian of the Black Student Alliance and the Treasurer of the Womxn of Color Network. My experience within these various organizations has given me a diverse perspective that I plan to use to encourage diversity within the Senate.  I also want to encourage open communication and not only listen to the concerns of students, but also take meaningful action.  I hope this role allows me to positively impact our university while I grow and learn as an individual to better serve this student body.

Marlyn Topete

Running for BUS Senate Seat
My name is Marlyn Topete. I am a junior majoring in Accounting, International Business, and Spanish. I am running for a Student Senate seat to represent the Ivy College of Business. I am a first-generation Latina. It is important for me to stand for my cultural background and help break barriers. Improving and adapting new strategies are things I would like to accomplish as a part of student senate. Leading with transparency and inspiration are important key values I want to exhibit. I want to encourage students to communicate and to help be their voice for their opinions and ideas. 


Jennifer Holliday

Running for CALS Senate Seat
Hey ISU! My name is Jennifer Holliday; I am currently a freshman double majoring in Agriculture Education and International Agriculture. Throughout this year, I have gotten involved in Student Government by joining the Public Relations Committee and participating in various events the organization has held. Along with participating in Student Government throughout my freshman year, I have also been active in my sorority, Sigma Alpha, as well as Collegiate Cattlemen’s, Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, and volunteered at the Iowa FFA Foundation. As a CALS senator, I would work with CALS clubs to improve the inclusivity of agricultural diversity and assist in advocating for current agricultural issues occurring. Other campaign goals include working to be able to provide more and improved mental health resources to students along with being more transparent with students about what is happening in their government! 

Rebecka Larson

Running for CALS Senate Seat
Hello, I am Rebecka Larson; I am a sophomore majoring in Agriculture and Society. I am a current Residence Hall Senator in Student Government, I am also involved with multiple organizations on campus, including AFROTC. I hope to continue to make changes in Student Government as a CALS Senator and advocate for current student issues in turn with relevant agricultural issues.

Quentin Slater

Running for CALS Senate Seat
My name is Quentin Slater, and I am a freshman double majoring in Agricultural Communications and Agriculture and Society. Throughout my first year at Iowa State, I have had the opportunity to get involved with a number of organizations such as IRHA, and also serving in the student government public relations committee. I look forward to the opportunity to represent CALS and connect our great college to the rest of Iowa State!


Hannah Peterson

Running for CPC Senate Seat

My name is Hannah Peterson and i am a sophomore in public relations. I’m running for CPC senate to represent a community of empowering women. My goal is to create an environment where women of the panhellenic community feel heard, are informed and encouraged to take the chance on new opportunities. 


Hannah Overman

Running for Design Senate Seat
My name is Hannah Overman; I am a junior in Pre-Graphic design with a minor in Advertising and an associate in Marketing. I am a member of the ISU Student Government’s PR Committee. I am running for design senator to give design students a bigger voice and to branch out to show the ISU community how important creativity and ingenuity are in communication, evolution, and society.  
I have thoroughly enjoyed working within student government thus far, and I cannot wait to see the opportunities that arise for not just me but for our fellow students. If you want to see more opportunities for creative talent on campus, be sure to vote for Hannah Overman for DSN Senator March 1st!

Emi Thornton

Running for Design Senate Seat
Architecture, 4th year.
I’m looking forward to serving College of Design students again in the upcoming year. Over the last year I’ve been able to talk to students and faculty about inadequacies in our college, like the previous non-existence of adobe creative cloud. In the next year I hope to work hard to re-instate a Constituency Council and create mid-semester reviews for professors within the College of Design.
Keep in touch by following ekt_cod on Instagram!


Rachel Schnepf

Running for ENG Senate Seat

My name is Rachel Schnepf and I am a sophomore in Computer Engineering. I am from Omaha Nebraska and have one younger sister and a dog. I got involved in Student Government through being on a committee position for Engineering Student Council. I have been involved Senate since December of 2021. During that time, I have joined The PR committee. I am also involved in the Digital Women and Sales Engineering Club on campus. Also, I was on the exec team for Engineering Student Council. Being involved in Student Government has helped me figure out different ways to help fellow Engineering Students and I hope to continue that in the new term. I cannot wait to be able to get started on new projects soon and figure out innovative ways to improve Iowa State. 

Freddy Court

Khushi Patel

Running for Freddy Court Senate Seat

Hi All! My name is Khushi Patel, and I am running for Fredrickson Court Senator for the 22-23 School Year! I am a current Freshman majoring in Finance and originally from Branson, Missouri. I am the present IRHA (Inter-Residence Hall Association) Senator and within Finance Committee for Student Government! Aside from that, I am also involved in First-Year Council (Treasurer) and the New-Students Coordinator for the Indian Student Association.

I plan to continue to learn and act upon beneficial shifts to assist all at Iowa State with prior and future opportunities! This upcoming year, I hope to assemble a transition to enable students to gain knowledge of Iowa States Student Government; therefore, the student’s ISA can opinion their voices in significant cases.

Follow me on Instagram @khushi4senate for information!


Yonting Goh

Running for GPSS Senate Seat

My name is Yonting Goh. I am a senior in Finance at the Ivy College of Business, and I have been accepted into the Master of Finance (MFIN) program starting Fall 2022. Currently serving in the Finance Committee as an At-Large. Working with other committee members in allocating the $44/semester Student Activity Fee for FY23. Previously served as the Election Commission Secretary in preparing minutes and documents. I want to work on financial policies to better allocate the student activity fee and ensure responsible spending of those fees.

Eddie Mahoney

Running for GPSS Senate Seat

My name is Eddie Mahoney, and I am a senior in computer science, going to grad school next year, and I am running for GPSS senator. I currently serve as a residence hall senator, as well as a member of rules committee, student initiatives committee, committee on lectures, and the ISU PD advisory board. This year I am also the treasurer for the computer science and software engineering club, and in the past, I have been the director of leadership for IRHA, and the technical director for Greek week central, among other leadership positions in my years here at Iowa State. My biggest focus is on improving the mental health resources on campus for all students through increased funding, lobbying at the state level for telehealth, and other programs, like mental health first aid training. I also seek to tackle issues related to DEI and outreaching for Student Government.


Martin Hursh

Running for IFC Senate Seat

Hello, My name is Martin Hursh. I am a freshman in economics and a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. I am running for this position because I love being in a fraternity, and I want to protect them here at Iowa state. This past year, I have had the privilege of being a member of the student government finance committee. Additionally, I was on the Saint Jude Executive board. I want to increase communication between other chapters. I also want to see more positive publicity about chapters through the Iowa state Daily and other media outlets. I would appreciate your consideration for such an important position.


Kolton Eisma

Running for IRHA Senate Seat

Hello! My name is Kolton Eisma, and I am a Freshman majoring in Agricultural Business with a minor in Supply Chain Management. Being a member of Geoffroy’s hall council, my responsibilities as the Treasurer for both my hallway and Geoffroy itself have interested me in the running to represent Residence Halls. Dedicating my campaign platform to continuously convey exciting, creative, and interactive events throughout the resident halls. I will also advocate for more transparency between student government and the student body. There’s so much going on that sometimes, people forget about what’s going on right in their building! I also want to push for further funding and proper distribution of resources throughout the halls. These goals can and will be accomplished through community lead councils and organizations. I am so excited to participate further within Student Government!


Obi Agba

Running for LAS Senate Seat

Ndewo! My name is Obi Agba, and I am a sophomore studying Political Science with minors in Computer Science and Philosophy. I am currently a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, and I am now running for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Senate seat. After living a majority of my life in Ames, I believe it is my duty to promote race, class, and mental health consciousness, as well as social justice in our school to ensure the well-being and support of the student body. I plan on doing this by continuing and expanding our resources to provide the utmost accessibility and communication for all. With your vote this March I believe this can be accomplished!

Madeline Becker

Running for LAS Senate Seat

My name is Madeline Becker, and I am a Freshman double-majoring in Economics and Political Science. I have been involved in Student Government this past year as a member of the Public Relations committee and as a recently appointed LAS Senator. I am running for reappointment because I believe in the power of the Student Government to create positive change on campus. If elected, I would like to increase the availability of low-cost textbooks, as well increase the efficiency of LAS scheduling. Many LAS majors lack a designated building on campus, and I would love to see more centralized classroom scheduling for ease of convenience for students. Lastly, I would like to increase awareness of Student Government on campus. There are a multitude of under-utilized resources which could be of great help if people only knew. Let me help you by voting for Madeline Becker on March 1st and 2nd!

Jamie Hoss

Running for LAS Senate Seat

My name is Jamie Hoss and I am a junior studying Communication Studies and Public Relations. I am currently a United Residence Off-Campus (UROC) Senator and a member of the Public Relations committee for Student Government. Since joining Student Government, my focus has been promoting campus resources and prioritizing outreach to students. This election cycle, I am running for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Senate seat — I plan to keep emphasizing resources and outreach, specifically for social justice-related events and mental health resources. Iowa State has existing opportunities in these fields and I will use my senate seat to ensure they are promoted and made as accessible as possible to the student body. I understand that I am in this position to serve, so I plan to keep an open line of communication to listen to LAS students’ needs, concerns, and ideas to ensure a positive campus experience for all.

Meredith Mays

Running for LAS Senate Seat

Hello! I’m a junior transfer student majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Leadership Studies. I’m currently a UROC senator, Vice-Chair of the Student Initiatives Committee, and Vice President of the Communication Studies Club. I’ve taken many steps to improve campus safety and student wellness and would love to continue doing so. While I’m passionate about many different topics, some of my personal goals include: increasing safety for on and off-campus students through better lighting and other means, increasing mental health and neurodivergent awareness and resources, and improving outreach to students for Student Government activities and LAS groups and events. I hope to represent the college of LAS positively by recognizing, including, and empowering students. If you’d like to learn more about my campaign, see @meredithforlas on Instagram! Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to continue to serve you in the future!

Ezra Odole

Running for LAS Senate Seat

Hello! My name is Ezra Odole and I am running for the LAS Senate seat. I am a freshman majoring in Computer Science. I am a proud facilitator of the Color of Love, working in the education department. My goal as a senator is to promote diversity ideas within student government, connect students to the countless ISU resources that go unutilized, and make Iowa State a place students can feel welcome and comfortable! To me, becoming a Senator is a great opportunity to become involved within the ISU community and to be an advocate for POC voices which have continually gone unheard on campus.


Mansi Mhaskar

Running for SUV Senate Seat

Hi, I am Mansi Mhaskar. I am a freshman majoring in Computer Science. I am currently a LAS Senator in the Student Government and am looking into joining the Student Initiatives Committee. I am also involved in various organizations on campus, including Digital Women. As a SUV Senator, I look forward to be an active representative for the SUVs, reaching out to the residents and helping them with their issues. The SUVs are located a little away from campus and sometimes can get excluded. As a Senator, I aim to bridge this gap and bring the community together. I appreciate your support and request you to help me by voting for Mansi Mhaskar on March 1st and 2nd. Thanks!


Andrew Brueck

Running for UROC Senate Seat
Hi! My name is Andrew Brueck. I am a junior in Political Science and a candidate for Off-Campus Senator. I have served as an Associate Justice and Chief Justice of the Student Government Supreme Court for two years. I also served as the treasurer of my residence hall floor. 
As a UROC senator, I will fight to incorporate the perspectives of underrepresented communities in Student Government. I will increase the number of multicultural town halls Student Government hosts and encourage Student Government members’ attendance at those town halls. I will also make the election process easier for new students who are not as familiar with Student Government Election Code. Finally, I will spearhead Student Government outreach efforts. Far too many students have no idea what Student Government is or does. I appreciate your consideration and humbly ask for
your vote on March 1st and March 2nd.

Stacia Drey

Running for UROC Senate Seat


My name is Stacia Drey and I am currently a freshman at ISU. I am majoring in political science and minoring in spanish. I grew up in the Cedar Rapids area and love the cyclones. I am involved in politics through the Iowa House of Representatives and enjoy keeping up with current events both on and off campus. I will be running for an ISU senate seat to represent the off-campus housing areas. I hope to bring a voice to people who may feel less involved on campus because they do not live in residence halls or in campus sponsored housing areas. It is my hope that I can represent and be a leader in the next group of student senators. Please keep me in mind when you decide to vote!


Katherine Engelken

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello! My name is Katherine Engelken, and I am currently a junior in Animal Ecology. After being a member of Sustainability Committee this past year, I want to get more involved in Student Government, and that is why I am running to be a UROC senator. As a UROC senator, I would be sure all LGBTQ+ folks feel heard and represented, and I would do this by reaching out and holding town hall events. I would also make mental health resources easier to access, so students can get the help they need as easily as possible. If elected, I would make sure Iowa State implements more sustainable practices, like more accessible composting for students. I value the students’ voice and reaching out, so I hope I can have the chance to put everyone’s ideas into action as a senator!

Jacob Frencher

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello, my name is Jacob Frencher and I am currently a freshman majoring in Computer Science. I am running to represent UROC (United Residents Off-Campus). My goals are to increase students’ access to resources for mental health, decrease prejudice on campus, and explore more ways we can implement sustainability into our everyday lives. I am very passionate about the need to educate students on how to reduce prejudice. A couple of my peers and I will be presenting on this topic at the ISCORE Conference this coming March. It is very important that every student is not having their learning inhibited by racial biases as it is already hard enough to succeed. I am very excited about this opportunity to serve the student body if elected. Remember to vote March 1st and 2nd!

Aeelyn Magallanes Tristan

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello my name is Aeelyn Magallanes Tristan. I am 19 years young and I am from Des Moines, Iowa. I am a junior majoring in Pre-Architecture. I am running for a United Residence Off-Campus senate seat. I want to build encouragement for other students of color to run in the future and build more comfort for future students of color to flourish on Iowa State’s campus. I also want to expand solutions to make Iowa State greener and create more opportunities for diversity events to further inform students on campus about everyone’s differences and backgrounds including yours and mine. 

Alexandra Momaney

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello! I am Alexandra Momaney, a freshman majoring in Global Resource Systems. I look forward to expanding my network and activity at Iowa State University, So I am running for a United Residents Off-Campus seat. I want to nourish and expand the diversity and inclusion at Iowa State, including expanding resources for incoming and current first-generation and underexposed students. Resources and programs could help many students smoothly and confidently transition into the college lifestyle, on or off-campus! I embrace the Iowa States Mission statement and want to see the collective student body and myself create and cultivate their ideas, expand outwards, and apply new learning. With this in mind, I look forward to the new opportunities Student Government offers, For myself and every student at Iowa State!  

Endi Montalvo-Martínez

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello! My name is Endi Montalvo-Martínez, and I am running for UROC senate. I am a freshman majoring in Public Health (liberal studies). I am a proud Color of Love facilitator that works within the department of advocacy. My goal as senator is to increase accessibility for all students, encourage diversity in student government, prioritize more student resources and advocate for marginalized students on campus. I want to become senator because I believe in community-based solutions that meet the needs of the collective. 

Taylor Moore

Running for UROC Senate Seat


My name is Taylor Moore and I am an African-American, and a Junior in Sociology. I am currently running for the United Residence Off Campus (U.R.O.C). I am the Director of Events for the Black Student Alliance, and a first-year scholar for the McNair Post-Baccalaureate Program. I am running for a seat on this committee because I feel as if Off-Campus Residents are not included in many conversations in terms of Campus-Life, Convenience, and Resources/Outreach. I want to create more programs and resources to help cater to our community. Additionally, I feel that my identity also speaks for the students of color who also live Off-Campus, so I want everyone to be apart of the conversation.

Sundar Shivraj

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello there! My name is Sundar Shivraj, and I am a current Junior majoring in Computer Science with a double minor in Data Science and Advertising. Outside of my education, I am also the President of the Escape Room Club as well as the President of my House in Birch Hall. I am running to represent UROC (United Residents Off Campus). My goal as a senator will be to create a safe and enjoyable campus, accessible for all students and community members, specifically working to improve mental health resources on campus as well as combatting issues regarding sexual violence and food safety. I truly desire for every student to be able to enjoy the community I have come to love and enjoy over my time here on campus, and I look forward to the opportunity to make this desire a reality for all students on and off campus!

Molly Simmons

Running for UROC Senate Seat

My name is Molly Simmons, and I am a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science and Global Resource Systems from Yale, IA. Last semester, I served as the Freddy Court senator sitting on the sustainability committee. Besides student government, I am also involved in the International Association for Agricultural Students, the Saint Thomas Catholic Student Community, and I am studying abroad in Costa Rica this semester. I am running for UROC senator because I want to continue working for the students of Iowa State University by increasing sustainability initiatives on and off-campus, planning events that will bring the Iowa State community together, and promoting diversity, inclusion, and transparency within student government. As a UROC representative, I will use my servant leadership experience to do something about the issues off-campus residents face and work hard with my constituents and senate colleagues to improve student life. 

Ella Slade

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hi! My name is Ella Slade, and I am a current Sophomore majoring in Graphic Design. I am a member of the Student Initiatives Committee within Student Government and will be running to represent UROC (United Residents Off Campus). My campaign platform is relatively short and straightforward. My goal is to continue working to create a safe and accessible campus for ALL students and community members. I will also be advocating to further improve, amplify and establish mental health resources here at ISU, because I believe in their substantiate benefits. I believe these goals can be accomplished through community lead decision making through forum, outreach, and survey. I am so excited to participate in Student Government, and I look forward to working alongside you to pursue a collaborative and inclusive campaign!

Nicholas Tansey

Running for UROC Senate Seat

My name is Nick Tansey. I’m a junior studying Political Science with a minor in English. Originally I’m from Mount Pleasant, IA, and now I live here in Ames. I believe that my personal experiences with mental health services on campus, renting experience in Ames, and my overall experiences with student government make me a viable candidate for being a United Residence Off-Campus Senator. 

Every semester, all students at Iowa State University are asked to pay a “Student Activity Fee” of $44.00. In total, this generates roughly $2.6 million in revenue that the Iowa State University Student Government uses to fund clubs and organizations affiliated with the university. Promoting clarity and diversity within the Iowa State Student Government is crucial to the success of all organizations on campus. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!


Instagram: @tansey4senate

Lena Vo

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello! My name is Lena Vo and I am running for UROC Senate. I am a freshman majoring in Linguistics (Pre-SLP). I am a proud Color of Love facilitator that works within our outreach and social media department. My goal as a senator is to emphasize the importance of accessibility for all students, encourage diversity within student government, prioritize resources we can give to students who are in crises, increase student body participation and awareness of student government, and make Iowa State a place students feel comfortable and safe at! I wanted to become Senator because I saw it as a great way to become involved within the ISU community and be part of the change we are all capable of.