Candidate Information

Candidate Information

This page contains biographies that were given by the candidates running in the 2020 elections. For more information on election visit our elections page or contact our election commissioner Emily Rizvic. Happy Voting!

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Executive Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of the President and the Vice-President at the ISU Student Government. 

Senator Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of a Senator at the ISU Student Government. 



Running for President
My name is Morgan Fritz and I am currently a sophomore studying Political Science at Iowa State University. I have been involved in Student Government the past two years serving as a Legislative Ambassador, and now as the Collegiate Panhellenic Council Senator. Outside of that, I am proud to be a part of the Sorority and Fraternity Community as a member of Alpha Delta Pi, have served as a sophomore advisor for President Wintersteen’s Leadership Class, and have worked as a Cyclone Aide. 
I am running for Student Body President because I believe that I have the potential to represent the best interests of all students. I am passionate about working with others to create solutions and I have experience doing so. I love this school and the Iowa State community, and I want to see the best for it. If elected, I promise to try my best to make our campus greater.


Running for Vice-President

My name is Jacob Schrader and I am a junior studying Economics and Political Science from Sioux Center, Iowa. I have been a Student Government Senator for three years, and am currently serving in the role of Vice Speaker. 

Outside of Student Government, I lead a bible study, have interned for Governor Reynolds and Senator Grassley, and try to cheer on the Cyclones at as many sporting events as I can. I am passionate about bettering the student experience- during my time in Student Government I have worked on projects such as affordable housing, student voting, electric CyRide buses, and student rights. 

I am running for Student Body Vice President because we are in a pivotal moment in Iowa State’s history. Students deserve a Student Body President and Vice President that know how to reach out to students and work towards solutions to our complex problems. I am excited to get started and work for all Cyclones!



Running for President

Hi y’all! My name is Lydia Greene and I am a Junior in Political Science here at Iowa State University. I am an Iowa native, from the tiny town of Keswick in Southeast Iowa. When I became a cyclone, I knew I wanted to make an impact. I joined student government as a freshman, serving as a Legislative Ambassador for two years. This year, I am serving as a LAS college Senator.    

Outside of Student Government I have been a proud member of the ISU College Democrats.  During my Sophomore year, I served as Vice President and for the following semester, I served as Co-President.  Beyond ISU, I have served for two years as a Legislative Clerk in the Iowa House of Representatives for my hometown official, Representative Dave Maxwell (R). I have also worked for 3 political campaigns! I am thankful for these experiences because I have built a connection with Iowa State and the Ames communities.

I am running for Student Body President because I believe there is no divide we cannot bridge.  By building a stronger community, we can raise the standard of Iowa State and show students from all backgrounds they are welcome here!


Running for Vice-President

Joshua Hanyang is in his fourth year studying Management Information Systems with a minor in Music Technology at Iowa State University.

In the past year, he has served as a senator for the Ivy College of Business, as a Cyclone Aide, as a treasurer for the Iowa State Singers, a member of the Multicultural Business Network, and as a Student Relations co-chair for Ivy Student Council, while working as a senior Audio-Visual technician. He believes that effective student leaders find ways to help their community in both wide-reaching initiatives and personal, small-scale involvement. Within his own college, Josh has sought out student feedback through outreach, has participated in and planned annual Building Our Community events, and has been a part of administrative review for programs. 

Additionally, Josh emphasizes that a fair and empathetic environment is necessary for students to realize their full potential in college, and has been a leader in pushing for inclusivity at ISU. While being grateful to mentors who allowed him to find his space for success, he knows that there are still students who are underrepresented or dissatisfied with campus climate. Josh is incredibly honored and excited to take part in this campaign to serve all students and raise the standard of the student body.

Running for BUS

I have always loved to build and put things together- ever since I was child. This building of networks led to an endearing curiosity about the mechanisms of how things work. This helped me develop a curiosity about the workings of the various networks and systems of the world. I’ve put this knowledge to use in the form of building clubs at Iowa state from the ground up, giving talks, gaining internships and even starting a non-profit organization in one of the most competitive cities in the world.
Following a talk I gave as part of the speaker series, I realized that a common struggle faced by all the students of the Ivy college of Business face is the stress of successfully obtaining an internship and a full time job. But it doesn’t have to be this way! The career fair and Cyhire are not the only ways to secure an internship. My goal is to create an easier and more productive path for students to secure internships and jobs that they have a true passion for, and gain sufficient experience during their time in college to find their passion, just like I have. I see such true potential in the people around me: we are ALL capable of changing the World. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. But we spend four years of our lives working so hard only to secure an entry level job, while we are capable of so much more. Real change comes about not by fighting the current system, but by building a new one that makes the former obsolete. I build new systems.

Running for BUS

My name is Jack Bender and I am currently a junior majoring in accounting. I am interested in running for the Business Senator position because I am passionate about Ivy College of Business and the continuous improvement of the student experience. In my past year I was able to create better relationships between student government and Ivy Students as well as continue to build the bridge between COB administration and students. I would like to continue that effort through five points on my platform: first by continuing to strengthen transfer student on-boarding. Second is expansion of student-administration communication by tailgate with the dean and tabling. Third is advocating for muticuture student issues within ivy college of business by creating an ivy COB inclusive day. Fourth is working towards and international career fair. Fifth opening up more opportunities for case competitions for students.
I hope to count on your vote for the business senator position!

Running for BUS

Hi! My name is Sanjana Addagarla and I am running as the next Senator on behalf of the wonderful, Ivy College of Business. I am running because I want students at Ivy to thrive and succeed by cultivating a culture of connection and community.
I am currently a sophomore studying Management Information Systems and within Ivy, I have been involved with Colligate Women in Business and Ivy Student Council. I am a part of the Student Relations committee within Ivy Student Council where I have contributed to events, such as Building Our Community, that connect students to faculty. As Senator, I want to have more events and socials for students to meet with each other and faculty to create meaningful and impactful connections.
Also, as Senator I want to create workshops and lunch&learns where any student can learn and engage in leadership skills, mental health seminars, networking skills, keynote speaker events, and other career/internship prep throughout the semester so students can learn valuable skills throughout the semester and can carry those in future endeavors. In addition, I want to provide more accessibility and transparency for students at Ivy and Student Government through open-conversation events. This will provide students at Ivy a voice on campus and generate a sense of community that Ivy will be there to support every student in every way.
I would be honored and excited to be the next Senator on behalf of Ivy College of Business! Thank you.

Running for CALS
My name is Hans Riensche and I am a junior in Agricultural Business from a farm near the small town of Jesup, Iowa. Over the past year I served as CALS Senator where I fought on your behalf to remove the PETA ads from Cy-Ride busses, to keep CALS clubs funding-eligible and to bring an updated constitution to the CALS Council. 
In the coming year I have only one item on my agenda : You. 
My goals if you choose me for a  second term will be to help CALS students like you connect to new funding avenues to bring your ideas to life, to mentor my fellow CALS Senator so that the college has strong representaiton after my graduation and to build a stronger relationship with the CALS office of diversity to improve the the climate of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Running for CALS

Hello Everyone!
My name is Julie Anderson and I am a sophomore majoring in Agriculture and Society and Political Science. Serving within the ISU Student Government has always been a personal goal of mine, and I believe my skill set and passion will make me a great representative for CALS. If elected, I would focus on increasing campus sustainability efforts, furthering transparency between student government and the student body, and growing the already established standard of excellence within CALS. I came to Iowa State because our College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is the BEST in the country, and as your Student Senate representative I will work to build on that tradition of excellence. 

Running for CALS

I grew up in West Des Moines with not much of an agricultural background. I later transferred out of the West Des Moines school system to a small school with a prominent FFA program. This helped me grow my passion for agriculture which lead me to be a Cyclone. I am studying agronomy here at Iowa State and I’m in my freshman year. So far I have become involved in many different things within CALS, such as Agronomy Club, Bacon Expo, and Beginning Farmers Network. With this position, I would like to work with CALS ambassadors to get kids with special needs more involved in agriculture.

Running for DES

My name is Cecil Rickerl, my pronouns are they/them, he/him, or she/her and I’m a second year student in Integrated Studio Arts. I am currently serving as the Chair of PR and Advertising for the Pride Alliance, campus’s oldest LGBTQIA+ student organization, which works to promote awareness around LGBTQIA+ issues on campus and provide a safe space and other resources for students on campus. I am also an active member of Students Against Racism and the Ames YDSA and I firmly believe that the administration can and should be doing more to combat white supremacist activity on campus. I also believe that the College of Design can do much more to help students afford materials required for many of their classes to make these majors more accessible. As senator I would also push for the university to put more funding into the on campus mental health services, which are currently severely lacking and simply cannot handle the amount of students on our campus.

Running for DES

Joshua Stephens is a first year Community and Regional Planning Student in the College of Design whose looking to make a difference in the college. He is fighting for things like Transparency in student government, eliminating unnecessary spending, making the College of Design a friendly environment for all and most importantly, putting the demands of design students first. Joshua is an Eagle Scout and lives out the ideals of the scout law in his daily life. He will not disappoint the students of the College of Design. Voting for Stephens is voting for a better Design Student experience!

Running for ENG

Heya!! My name is Abbie Schulte and I’m a freshman in Biological Systems Engineering. I am running for Engineering Senator because I think that Student Government has a lot more to contribute to Iowa State’s campus and I want to be a part of that. I currently am a Member-at-Large on the Civic Engagement Committee, so I have the StuGov experience necessary to work on legislation for the betterment of our campus. In addition to experience, I have already contributed to several initiatives on the committee and am leading one of my own to increase freshman voter registration. I am running on working on making student government more accessible, and promoting engineers that are more civically engaged, diverse, and most importantly, making our campus a more friendly place. In addition to being involved in StuGov, I also am a member of the Honors Student Board, Society of Women Engineers, STEM Scholars, and I play in ISU’s symphonic band. I can’t wait to represent these groups and many more as a senator. I would really love to serve as an Engineering Senator and I hope you will vote for me in the election. Thank you!!

Running for ENG

My name is Andrew Grant and I am a sophomore double majoring in electrical and mechanical engineering from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I was born and raised in Iowa by a loving mother and father. My love for engineering and Iowa as a whole led me to Iowa State University and I am glad to call it my home. This past Summer I had the honor of representing the university as a Cyclone Aide. In this position, I had the opportunity to introduce all of the incoming freshmen to Iowa State and show them the ropes. Additionally, I work as a Community Adviser in Willow Hall. There I serve as a resource for my residents should they ever need help navigating through college. Along with everything I have done as an engineer I believe I would make an excellent senator and representative student for the college of engineering. Finally, don’t let these qualifications distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

Running for ENG

My name is Jacob Conn, and I am currently a Junior in Computer Engineering. I have served as an Engineering Senator this past term, and I am eager to serve as one this upcoming term. My two main platforms include campus sustainability and student outreach. Over the course of my past term I co-authored many pieces of legislation pertaining to sustainability, and I was a part of many student outreach initiatives. If elected, I look forward to continuing to advocate for sustainability on campus and getting students involved!

Running for ENG

My name is Tary Todd, and I am a Junior at Iowa State working towards my degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in Cyber Security. I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but I have lived in Iowa for the past three years since first arriving on campus in the Fall of 2017. Last semester, I completed a Co-op at Collins Aerospace where I worked on GPS systems for the government. At Iowa State, I am currently involved with the Iowa State Formula SAE team where I currently serve as their Electrical Integrations Engineer, and I was inducted into IEEE Eta Kappa Nu during the spring of 2018. I am also in the Honors Program at Iowa State, and I served as the treasurer for Friley-Chamberlain during my Freshman year. Outside of school, I have been involved in a variety of activities such as attending the Iowa State Automotive Enthusiasts’ car show.

The reason that I am running for Student Government is because I have had friends approach me and tell me that I should run for a senate position in Student Government. While I was originally hesitant towards the idea of being a Senator, I soon realized that the reason why people kept asking me to run for student government was because they knew that I could make a difference here at Iowa State. As my previous experiences at Iowa State would suggest, I have the knowledge and experience to carry out a project to completion, and, if elected, I would apply that same knowledge towards advocating for the interests of the College of Engineering and the student body.

Running for ENG

Hello, my fellow ISU students! My name is Zachary Lewis and I am a Junior in Electrical Engineering. I am originally from the St. Louis, Missouri area. In June of 2016, I achieved the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America, The Eagle Scout Rank. I served as a High School Marching Band Drum Major for 3 years. I have been a member of the Iowa State University Marching Band for three years now and intend on being involved for a forth.

Why I want to run for the Engineering Senator position is because I feel like there are multiple areas that could do with a seasoned perspective from the engineering department. As a junior, I feel as if I have been around long enough to thoroughly learn what the problems and concerns are within the college of engineering. I wish to tackle concerns in the areas of public safety, engineering facilities and corse curriculum for the benefit of the engineers at ISU. I want to promote transparency and efficiency within the Student Government and swing the favor of these actions towards the engineering students. If you want a senator with direction and vision, I would be more than honored to serve as your Engineering Senator. I hope you make the right decision and vote for me in this upcoming election.

Running for UROC

My name is Sandeep Stanley, and I’m running for re-election because my work isn’t done yet. During my two terms in Senate so far, my colleagues and I have accomplished a lot. During my first term, I founded and organized the “I Love Ames” initiative. Together with the Mayor, City Council, and the Main Street Farmers’ Market, we brought nearly 40 clubs down to Main Street to showcase their talent to members of the Ames community. This term, I led the Senatorial delegation from the College of Engineering, working with CoE administration to proactively address concerns about campus climate. I have also represented student concerns with many other officials, including with ISUPD as part of the Student Advisory Board, the administration of the MU as part of the MU Board of Directors, and directly with the Mayor and City Council as the chair of the City of Ames Campus and Community Commission.
However, all of this has served to show me how far we have to go. I want to keep working on bridging the gap between StuGov and you, our constituents. As an Engineering senator, I’ve devoted a lot of time to outreach and just generally being accessible for questions and concerns, and I will redouble my efforts for off-campus students. I will emphasize proactive outreach, as I understand many of you are busy and may not have time to reach out yourselves. I also aim to use the institutional knowledge that StuGov members have to increase awareness about the various resources we have for students on campus. Above all, I will continue to utilize my experience and the personal relationships I have made with officials in both city and campus administration to bring your concerns directly to them. No longer will you have to wait for a PR-screened email that doesn’t answer your questions — I will have an answer that directly addresses your query in a quick and timely manner. If you have any questions about my platform or what I stand for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at — I hope you will consider voting for me, and Go Cyclones!

Running for ENG

My name is Leslie Lona and I am a junior in Biological Systems Engineering. After completing a successful internship during the summer of 2019, I became very passionate about helping other engineers. Throughout my years here I have been involved with work through the ABE department, WiSE, and now with Engineering Career Services. I hope you all vote for me as your CoE senator so that I may implement feasible changes in our college, thanks!

Running for ENG

Hey Cyclones! I’m Senator Advait M., and I’m running for re-election because I’ve seen the change we as students can bring about on campus. My work isn’t finished, and I would love to be able to keep serving this community.
I also, as a returning Senior Senator, consider it my responsibility to help and support the other first-time Engineering Senators so they can make the most of this position.

I’ve had the privilege of representing Engineering this year. I have also previously represented my Residence Hall in IRHA (Inter-Residence Hall Association), and have held leadership positions on both my floor and hall councils.
Additionally, I have also been part of a host of committees/councils on campus: Engineering Student Council, The Committee on Lectures, Student Initiatives Committee, the Transportation Advisory Council, and Rules Committee, to name a few.

I am running again because I’d like to continue giving students the best possible experience and making sure that they get their money’s worth. I have had the pleasure of creating deep, productive working relationships with other Student Government members, faculty, and administration members over the past years, and these are instrumental in making changes.
I would like to continue bridging the gap between Student Government and Engineering by implementing Senator Open Forums in a greater capacity than we did last year, and establish a two-way street with Engineering Student Council and implement better outreach.
I have been insistent upon financial prudence all my term, and with declining enrollment I would continue to stress on the need to be more efficient with the way funding is put out, and be more scrutinizing with budgets.
Lastly, I want to keep working on bettering Campus Climate so that everyone feels welcome, and continue working with the College of Engineering and the Deans in this area. I also have been active “behind the scenes” with initiatives to better the college experience, such as an initiative to add a Parking tab to MyState.

By voting for me, you will be voting for someone who is aware for you as a student and your concerns, someone who is concerned about campus, making everyone feel welcome and the upcoming financial limitations, and has the experience doing this ever since they came to campus.


P.S. if you made it this far, I applaud your engagement, and ask that you consider joining Student Government or University Committees and being involved on campus for the greater good!

Running for H SCI

Hello Iowa State! My name is Eliana Crabb and I am a Junior majoring in Hospitality Management with a minor in culinary food science. My future goals are to work in the corporate food industry, promoting sustainable food practices with investment in the local community. I am running for re-election for Human Sciences Senator. Some of my club and activity involvement at Iowa State includes: STARS (Student Admissions Representative), Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Human Sciences Club representative, and National Society of Minorities in Hospitality Management cabinet member. I am currently interning with the Iowa State Catering Operations Department.

When I was given the opportunity to represent the College of Human Sciences this past year as a Senator I was ecstatic. I enjoy being involved in activities at Iowa State and my individual college and I want to return the service and assistance I have been so blessed to receive. The professors in my college have been so patient with me throughout the past two and a half years and I recognize that they truly want us all to succeed. My classmates have shown how much they want to be the excellent service industry leaders that the future depends on. I am so proud to be able to represent a college with students who care so much about people and their wellbeing.

Running for UROC

My name is Cheyenne, and I’m from Peosta, IA. I’m a sophomore majoring in Political Science with Pre-Law. After graduating from Iowa State, I’m going to law school to study international and civil rights law. My motivation for running for Senate comes from wanting to see more interaction between student government and the rest of Iowa State’s students. I would love to be a voice for those who are off campus and may not be as directly involved.

This semester I am interning in Des Moines with, Marsy’s Law, an organization that’s working to help crime victims, especially those of domestic and sexual assault. I would love to use this experience to raise awareness for domestic violence on campus. I would also love to bring more resources for those in need to Iowa State.

Running for LAS

Sign Guy. Focused on restoring the Iowa State Community by making individual voices heard and understood. I will counter the systemic under-appreciation of LAS majors by pushing for a printing credit transfer system where students can request printing credits from other students, thus creating a platform of understanding other students’ workloads and providing LAS majors with the resources they need. I will fight for cooperation and transparency with the administration, especially when dealing with monumental decisions which effect the entire student body such as the Trademark and Chalking Policies. Cooperation will also be in accordance to what students desire to make Iowa State, such as working with administration to be proactive with our Climate Change efforts and Mental Health Resources.

Running for LAS
Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Major: Criminal Justice Studies and Political Science
Position I am running for: LAS 
Why I am running: I am running, because I was in Student Government last year and I saw the amazing things that people could do while in Student Government. I mainly want to work with my College to get higher civic engagement turnout, especially with the elections rolling around this year. I also want to talk about Diversity and Inclusion and creating safe spaces within the College of LAS, so students have a safe space to talk about things that are affecting them on this campus. I hope you can vote for me as your next LAS Senator on March 3rd and 4th.
Running for LAS

My name is Jacob Ludwig. I am currently a Senator representing the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and I am running for re-election. Over the last year, I have served my constituents in the Senate by consistently working to improve Student Government and our campus. Over the summer, I worked with a task force to reform our Supreme Court. In the fall, I assisted in organizing the StuGov effort to demand the Department of Residence make reforms to its incident reporting process, and I worked with other Senators to invest in sustainable infrastructure for the campus. Throughout my entire term, I have worked to make sure that the Senate is responsible when spending your student fee money.

In the coming year, I will work to continue defending your rights as a student to express your beliefs and identity openly and without fear, investing in a sustainable future for our campus, and support fiscal responsibility so that your money is respected. I intend to better the university and community we belong to, and if re-elected to the Senate, I pledge to keep being a voice for change and new ideas that will help our student body succeed!

Running for CPC

Hi! My name is Mariana Gonzalez, my pronouns are she/her/hers, I am a first year student double majoring in Political Science and Public Relations, with a double minor in General Business and Leadership Studies, and I am from Eagle Grove, Iowa.
Currently, I sit as an Inter-Residence Hall Association Senator on Student Government and am so excited to be your Collegiate Panhellenic Council Senator candidate. On campus, I am involved as a Cyclone Aide, Multicultural Vision Program scholar, and UNIDAS member. In the Greek community, I am a Sorority and Fraternity Alternative Spring Break treasurer, Yell Like Yell participant, Lip Sync participant, and proud member of Kappa Kappa Gamma.
As a first year Senator on Student Government, I have learned so much about how meetings are run, the daily/weekly/monthly demands and responsibilities asked of Senators, and building relations with others on campus and in Student Government. This coming year, I hope to serve the CPC constituency by addressing live-in members’ concerns, supporting and advocating for Greek initiatives, and overall representing the amazing women in our ISU sororities well. Check out @gonzalezforstugov on Instagram to find out more. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Running for CPC

Hello, my name is Elena Senftner, from Lakeville, Minnesota. I am a sophomore studying international studies and Political science. I currently serve on the executive team of my sorority as the Chief Recruitment Officer. I also compete on the Iowa State University Model Europe Team, and I serve as a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to the American government. This past summer, I had the opportunity to work as a judicial extern for Judge Vandelist of Scott county in Minnesota.

I am running for the Collegiate Panhellenic Council representative on behalf of the sorority resident community. As a current resident and a leader in my sorority, I have the insight to best advocate for my constituency. My goal is to ensure that the community is safe, affordable, and I will work toward making the sorority facilities more sustainable.

Running for IFC

Hello, my name is Zachary Mass and I am proud to serve the Interfratenity Community as your Senator in Student Government. I am a Junior studying software engineering and a member of FarmHouse Fraternity. On Student Government, I serve as a member of the Rules Committee that oversees the effective operation of the government.
Today, I am running for re-election to continue my service to our community. In my time as a Senator, I have pushed for the responsible spending of student fee money, protection of students’ rights, and streamlining Student Government to make it work more effectively for students. I hope to continue working for all of these goals this upcoming year. Join me by voting for Zachary Mass on March 3rd and 4th at

Running for IRHA

My name is Daniel Pfeifer and I am a freshman in Civil Engineering here at ISU. I’m running for IRHA Senator in Student government because I want to make a positive difference in every Iowa State students’ life.

Many students struggle to pay for education, and I want to reduce that burden as much as possible. My first priority as a senator would be to make Iowa State more affordable by reducing tuition and fees as much as I can through student government.

Along with that, I believe we need more transparency in student government, an at ISU in general. We all pay a lot of money to go here and we should be aware of how our money is being used.

Lastly I want to make sure that every student at ISU is heard and represented in student government, no matter their background and beliefs. I want to see student government become more involved with and actively taking input from the community, so that it can make the best possible decision for all students.

I love Iowa State and I want it to be a welcoming, affordable, and great campus for all students. I hope you will give me the chance to serve you!

James Gilpatric

Running for IRHA

Biography pending.

Running for IRHA

Salutations! My name is Tabito (Markus)Brown, and I am running for the Inter-Residence Hall Association(IRHA). The main reason why I am running for the Senator seat is that our current Senators aren’t passing any legislation that helps or improve student’s/faculty’s life.

As a Senator, my main agenda will be improved security on campus, by any means, such as increasing ISU Police staff, more patrol on campus, or improving lighting on campus at night. My next agenda would be to ditch our current wireless-fidelity and replace it with much broader bandwidth, faster speeds, and more reliable routers and providers.

The current outrageous cost of tuition ought to be going somewhere it matters, not to professional cartographers that charges ISU for making a map of our campus, it should be going to improve your life on campus.

Thank you.

Running for UROC

Hello all! I am a first year student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences studying Political Science with a minor in military studies. I am apart of the prestigious Army ROTC leadership program and plan to commission spring of 2022. I have developed a passion for leadership positions through high school, and now college. I love to plan, organize, motivate, and execute events and policy that will make the community around me better after I leave it. Iowa State has proven time and time again to produce some of the most amazing leaders and hardworking people, and I can’t help but step in to keep Iowa State one of the most attractive universities in the Midwest by representing the people who live off campus in the Senate. My biggest priority is to get things done that have a real, evident impact that students across campus become aware of. Thank you for your support and vote, I look forward to representing the students of UROC in Iowa State’s Student Government Senate!

Sehba Faheem

Running for SUV

Biography pending.

Running for UROC

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Major: Marketing

The position I am running for UROC

Why I am running: I am an ambitious student that wants to make a change at Iowa State University. I am currently involved in my fraternity Delta Sigma Phi, by holding two positions. I am the Public Relations and Social Chair, and I am a full-time student in Marketing. I want to run for Off-Campus because I think every student deserves for their voices to be heard. I want to make a change and represent the 18,000 constituents by being in Student Government. If I am elected on March 3rd and 4th, I will do my best to bridge the gap between the University and Off-Campus students.

Running for UROC

My name is Chuck Klapatauskas, I am a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering here at Iowa State University. I’m running for the UROC Senate position in Iowa State University Student Government. If elected Senator, I will work hard to accomplish two main goals. The first being making tuition & Fees more affordable, and creating more transparency within the University and Student Government.
The out of control fees and costs that each student pays has become a serious burden for students, they need to be immediately re-evaluated, trimmed, and some need to be cut entirely.
Student Government and the administration work very hard for the students and community at Iowa State, but it is hard to track what is being done. I will work hard to make students and staff more aware of the legislation being proposed, discussed, and passed so there can be more community input. This is a crucial step to creating a community and climate that best suits all students.
I will work hard to ensure that all students attend a University they envisioned when they signed their letter of acceptance. I hope I can get your vote this March. #AISUforYou

Running for UROC

I am a freshman studying Journalism and Mass Communication. I am from Iowa, I am a dog person, and I hate the Hawkeyes. I’m running for senate to be able to lend a voice to the people that live off campus. I will fight hard to help Iowa State become more inclusive, more sustainable, and more unified.

Running for UROC

Hi everybody! My name is Dawson Weathers, and I’m an impassioned candidate hoping to represent every single off-campus student with vigor and transparency as a UROC senator. I am currently a sophomore double majoring in Political Science and Religious Studies with a minor in Philosophy, and I’ve spent the last year working to represent my fellow residents as a parliament and committee member of the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA). Now, however, I want to use the knowledge and skills that I’ve acquired at ISU to represent a larger group: you. Off-campus students are the largest group of students at Iowa State, and they therefore deserve the clearest and most effective voice they can get. I strive to be that voice.

If I am given the opportunity to serve as your senator, I have numerous ideas on how to improve the lives of off-campus students. To start, the three largest problems to be currently dealt with are sustainability, the maintenance of CyRide, and effectiveness. Very few students living off-campus have access to any sort of recycling or composting services, and those who do are a part of the city services which do not even truly recycle; the city burns its recycling. Off-campus students should have access to the college’s recycling service, which genuinely recycles all the material it receives. The next problem is CyRide. The current fleet of buses used by CyRide is outdated and quickly becoming obsolete. The oldest models in use currently get around a mere 2 MPG. These buses take an obscene amount of fuel to run and pollute the air more than any other similarly sized vehicle. Upgrading the fleet to more efficient models is a goal that serves everybody, on and off-campus. Lastly, to ensure that UROC senators can actually make the changes that they need to make, I propose requiring all future UROC senators to sit on at least one of the several city-based committees. On these committees, they actually have power over the issues facing off-campus students.

Current Endorsements:

Austin Graber (Student Body President)

The Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA)

Sydney Ryckaert – (President of IRHA)

Morgan Fritz – (CPC Senator)

Hayat Sumael – (UROC Senator)

Mason Zastrow – (IRHA Senator)

Alex Klein – (IRHA Senator)

Lucy Dougherty – (Treasurer of Senate Finance Committee)

Collin Boone – (President of Buchanan Hall)

Running for UROC

Hi, my name is Dustin Reis and I am an openly gay student trying to make a difference yet also be accepted for who I am on campus. I am currently a Senior in the College of Liberal Arts and Science. I am an off-campus full-time student. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, watching movies, playing piano, dancing, and spending time with my dog.
I am re-running for UROC Senator to help be the voice of other off-campus students. If re-elected as Senator, I promise to make sure that any and all voices are heard. I know that we can work as a team and be our best because acknowledging that team work is the best way to do this is the biggest and best thing we can do.

Running for UROC

Hello! My name is Laura Emery and I am a junior in financial counseling and planning with a minor in Spanish. I am running for UROC Senator because students that live off-campus deserve an effective voice fighting for them in Student Government. With rising tuition, many students living off-campus struggle to pay bills. As UROC Senator, I will fight against unnecessary fees that make it harder for students to get by. Secondly, I vow to allocate student activity fees in a fiscally responsible manner, ensuring that none of your money is wasted. Next, I am passionate about Iowa State and the opportunities that are available for all students. As Senator, I want to increase awareness of the great programs and services that are available to us as students. Finally, I value diversity of thought and promise to bring new ideas and opinions to Student Government, making it a place where every student is represented. I hope you give me the opportunity to serve you and the great university we attend!

Running for UROC

The mission of Iowa State: “create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place.” As your Senator, I will use my voice and vote to focus Student Government on this mission. Our limited resources are often used inefficiently by University programs that no longer fulfill their intended purpose.

As off-campus students, issues on-campus affect us differently. Unpredictable tuition can affect our ability to pay rent. Driving to campus and parking in the wrong spot can cost us the price of a textbook. Our separation from campus can be a roadblock to solving issues like these. I ask for your vote, and your opinion. My email is, and it is always open to you.

I was born and raised in Jordan, MN. In 2016, I moved to Ames to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree, when I quickly fell in love with Iowa State and our beautiful City of Ames. I hold close to my heart our environment and civil liberties. I am an Eagle Scout, an Afghanistan veteran, and a proud Cyclone.

Running for UROC

Howdy! My name is Mason Zastrow, and I am currently a Sophomore triple majoring in Political Science, Sociology, and Philosophy here at Iowa State. This past year, I’ve served on Student Government as a senator representing the Inter-Residence Hall Association, and I’m excited to serve UROC in the coming year! In Student Government, I sit on Finance Committee, where I help review guidelines for funding and meet with hundreds of clubs to assess their budgets for the upcoming year. I am very proud to say that I have never missed or been late to either a Senate or Finance Committee meeting; I am dedicated to the position I hold. I believe that Student Government should be inclusive, financially responsible, thorough in our decision making, and constantly active. These are the values that I have brought to Senate this year, and these are the values I’ll continue to advocate for if you re-elect me as a Senator!

Running for UROC

Matthew is a Junior in Chemistry and Political Science. He is running for a second term as a UROC Senator. In the past year he has served off campus residents as the Vice President of UROC. He currently sits on the Finance Committee in Senate, and looks forward to continuing to serve Iowa State students next year!

Running for UROC

Hello! My name is Noah Heasley, and I am a junior in Computer Science. I am currently running for re-election as an Off-Campus Senator. If elected, it will be my third year as an Iowa State Student Government Senator. The thing I am most proud of during my time on the Senate is serving as Vice-Chair of the Student Initiatives committee for two years in a row. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving students during my time at ISU, and I look forward to doing so once again throughout my last year at Iowa State!

Running for UROC

My name is Sammi Springer and I am currently a junior majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice with Political Science and Philosophy minors.
I decided to become involved in student government after my work as a Student Ambassador to the psychology department, my position last year on the Health and Wellness Commission of Student Government, and my position as Vice President of Psi Chi made me aware of student concerns and my desire to help solve them.
I am a big believer in good mental health being the foundation of a positive college experience, as well as to a successful life. I support increasing awareness of the programs Iowa State currently has, as well as taking student feedback into consideration to improve and add to the mental health outreach we have.
I understand that students living off campus have a very different experience from students in on-campus housing, and I want all students to be as involved and supported by Iowa State as they desire to be. For me, this means supporting initiatives for UROC students such as an updated and improved Moonlight Express system, the creation of a move-in packet for UROC students that includes voter registration cards, and working to make accommodations for UROC students in situations such as having to travel in our special Iowa winter weather.
I always want to be the best representative I can possibly be, and this means taking criticism, ideas, and concerns from the students of Iowa State. I am happy to always be available to discuss any size problem and to make you feel heard!

Running for UROC

Hello. My name is Sam Queen and I am running for Student Senate, to represent residents off campus (UROC). I am a currently a first semester senior, studying Economics and minoring in Political Science. As Iowa State continues to increase tuition costs, students now more than ever struggle to stay ahead financially. As Senator, I will be a voice for the unheard.

First and foremost, I will advocate for tuition freezes. Tuition hikes adversely affect students who are working class and students who pay for their education. In my opinion, this is an outrage and needs to stop until our voices as students are heard. As a climate activist, I’ve worked for both Environment Iowa and the Bernie Sanders campaign, pushing for the regulation on pesticides and promoting the Green New Deal. Lastly, I will do all I can to help tenants off campus have their concerns about rent heard. I plan to work with the Ames Tenant Union to combat rent increases and have more affordable housing.

If elected to Student Senate, I will champion for our rights and concerns, both on and off campus. Our voices are not heard, and I will fight to change that.

Running for UROC

Hi everyone! My name is Max Ruehle, and I am a Sophomore studying Statistics here at Iowa State University. I currently serve on the Finance Committee for Student Government as an At-Large Representative, and I also work in ISU’s Campus Organizations Accounting Office.

I see Student Government as the most impactful way to connect with students at our university. On Finance Committee, I have helped to create budgets, review guidelines, and provide insight for multiple student organizations on campus. Through these experiences, I have learned how much every student values and appreciates what Student Government and our beautiful university has to offer.

If elected, I will explore initiatives to help students become familiarized with the processes of Student Government and how to get more students involved on campus. I will also advocate for keeping our campus clean by promoting community service projects among members of Student Government.

I can’t wait to serve you, and I hope I can get your vote! Go Cyclones!