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2021 Election Results

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Candidate Information

This page contains biographies that were given by the candidates running in the 2021 elections. For more information on election visit our elections page or contact the Election Commission. Happy Voting!

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Executive Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of the President and the Vice-President at the ISU Student Government. 

Senator Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of a Senator at the ISU Student Government. 

Meet the candidates here! Browse through the list of candidates or just scroll through the page. For any information on running or about election visit the Elections page.

BUS Armaan ‘Guppy’ Gupta Sanjana Addagarla

CALS Hope Brecht Jaden Ahlrichs Devin DeVore      
DES Joshua Stephens Emi Thornton        
Natalia Rios Martinez Alexandra Finaldi Jay Waagmeeester Charles Yang    
Nicholas Tansey        
ENG Joseph Zuber Kaleb Dunsbergen Tiffanie Fix Advait M. Ethan Cooper  

CPC Ann Lent          
FREDDY Ryan Hurley Molly Simmons        
IFC Will Chleborad Cody McCreedy        
SUV Jennifer Seth          
UROC Victoria Fillipi Dawson Weathers Allison Gates Eliana Crabb Julie Anderson  
Sonja Paulson Emily Rizvic Kit Clayburn Daniel HayesJacob Ludwig  


Julia Campbell

Running for President

Meet Student Body Presidential Candidate Julia Campbell 

Passionate about our incredible university, I am an advocate for lifelong learning, the pursuit of creative outlets, and inspiring others to discover their leadership potential. I am a 7th generation agriculturalist from Clinton County, Iowa, where our family’s farming operation is powered by solar energy. 

It is important to me for each student to know their ideas are heard and respected and that they are a valued member of the Iowa State community. I am running to further promote the needs and interests of current and future generations of cyclones, focus on pertinent issues that affect the needs of our communities, and open up the idea of student government to those who might not typically get involved.

In this role, I would serve my peers by fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment while showing up each day ready to work for all students and accomplish agenda items. I am eager to learn more about what makes you proud to be a Cyclone and work together to elevate Iowa State! 

Input | Positivity | Empathy | Learner | Arranger 


Agricultural Business & Economics 

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Involvement on Campus: 

Student Government Director of Affordability, Department of Economics Peer Mentor, Legislative Ambassadors, President’s Leadership Class Member 2018-2019, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Ambassadors, Recreation Services Group Fitness Instructor, Career Services Student Worker, Agricultural Business Club Treasurer 

Megan Decker

Running for Vice-President

Meet Vice Presidential Candidate Megan Decker 

As a proud Cyclone and Iowa native, I am fueled by new experiences, motivated people, and innovative ideas. I am originally from a farm in Calhoun County, Iowa, with strong entrepreneurial roots in both agriculture and real estate. I have a variety of experiences at the Iowa State Capitol, serving as a Senate Page in the Iowa Legislature and an intern in the Office of the Governor. I strive to elevate the people around me by ensuring a welcoming environment where each perspective is heard when decisions are being made. 

If Julia and I were elected, we would strive to elevate Iowa State by fostering a strong sense of community, encouraging student success in and outside of the classroom, and striving for financial success for all Cyclones. Rooted in servant leadership, I seek to listen louder than I speak and elevate student voices through actionable leadership. 

Positivity | Focus | Woo | Futuristic | Intellection 


Agriculture & Society, Journalism & Mass Communication 


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Involvement on Campus: 

Legislative Ambassadors, SALT Company, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Advisory Board, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, CALS Ambassadors, Recreation Services Group Fitness Instructor, Undergraduate Assistant in the CALS Dean of Academic Innovation Office



Running for President

My name is Anna Olson and I am a junior in Journalism and Political Science. I have been involved in Student Government as the Senior Director of Communications, putting on events such as the Social Justice Forum, the 2021 Women’s Week Conference and the COVID-19 Campus Climate survey, all while also raising our social media followers by 30%. Outside of my activities in Student Government, I am a member of the First Amendment Committee, a STAR representative, an ISU Honors Student, hold an internship with the Iowa Resource for International Service (IRIS, and work several on-campus jobs, such as a Lifeguard for Rec Services and a Greenlee school receptionist. I am running for Student Body President because I feel both Student Government and campus need to pay close attention to the students in which we are representing. There are students and groups on this campus that do not feel as if their voices are being heard, and I plan to do everything in my power to provide a platform for these students to have a voice. I am very passionate about the issues of sustainability, affordability, diversity and inclusion and health. With our ideas, I believe Mariana and I can effectively serve Cyclones.


Running for Vice-President

Hello! My name is Mariana Gonzalez, and I am a second year student double majoring in Political Science and Public Relations from Eagle Grove, Iowa. In Student Government, I have been an Inter-Residence Hall Association Senator, Public Relations Committee member, and Rules Committee member. Currently, I serve as the Senator for the Collegiate Panhellenic Council and the Vice Speaker of the Senate. On campus, I am a proud member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, a Multicultural Vision Program (MVP) scholar, worked as a 2020 Cyclone Aide, and am currently a student telecounselor in the admissions office. I am running to be your next Student Body Vice President because I believe our community deserves a dynamic leader who will work toward solutions and equitable representation on campus. Anna and I are so excited and committed to serving our Cyclones!

Senate Candidates

CALS Candidates

Jaden Ahlrichs

Running for CALS Senate seat

Howdy! My name is Jaden Ahlrichs, double majoring in Global Resource Systems and Horticulture, and I am running to be your CALS senator. Coming to you from small town Iowa, I am ready to be your CALS voice and to drain the swamp. Currently I am the CALS Council Representative for Alpha Zeta and have been intensively involved with the Inter-Residence Hall Association for the past two years. Having these positions has provided the how-to knowledge and understanding for how to get things done. Being your senator, I will continue to push for increased sustainability on campus, club funding, furthering the ISU involvement with the Ames community, and promote the needs and visions of our great college. I will never forget who I represent and always act on our best interests. A vote for Jaden is a vote for Ahl.

Hope Brecht

Running for CALS Senate seat

I am currently in my second year at Iowa State, pursuing a degree in Agricultural Communications and Leadership Studies. On-campus I am engaged in Sigma Alpha Professional Sorority and CALS Ambassadors, while also serving as the social media intern for the AGEDS Department. My involvement reaches off campus as well, where I serve as the Vice-Chair of the Young Professionals Development Program for the Iowa FFA Foundation. I am eager to expand my involvement by representing the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences within Student Government. Serving as an Iowa FFA State Officer last year provided me with the opportunity of representing more than 16,000 students as an Executive Board Member. This experience taught me the value of servant leadership and advocacy. I will strive to exercise these values by making myself available and approachable to CALS students and being receptive to their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. My desire is to be a strong voice for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to ensure that we, as students, are heard and respected.

Devin DeVore

Running for CALS Senate seat
Advocating for agriculture, promoting leadership development, and cultivating life long learning are a few of my core values. 
I grew up on a farm in Clarke County, Iowa, where my family raises beef cattle, corn and soybeans. Growing up on the farm taught me the value of hard work, working with others, and how to be a leader. These experiences have prepared me to bring these skills to Iowa State and put them to work for the students here. 
If elected, I will be purposeful and actionable in my service for the students of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Aside from representing the students of CALS, I also look forward to collaborating with other Senators, as well as the executive branch, to make Iowa State a better place for all.

College of Business Candidates

Sanjana Addagarla (she/her/hers)

Running for College of Business Senate seat

My name is Sanjana Addagarla and I am a junior majoring in Management Information Systems and I am running for re-election of Business Senator. My past year as Senator I served on the Diversity and Inclusion committee and helped coordinate discussion roundtables events and inclusive career building workshops. As Senator I want to continue to promote more diversity, inclusion, and equity for students at Iowa State and the Ivy College of Business. My goals as Senator in the upcoming year is create more accessibility to mental health resources and generate sustainable solutions to make our campus safe and enjoyable for students. As Business Senator I am humbled and excited to serve you this upcoming year! 

College of Design Candidates

Joshua Stephens

Running for College of Design Senate seat

 I’m a second year student in the College of Design and I’m looking to make it a better place. I was born and raised in the City of Philadelphia, but Iowa is my second home. I am an Eagle Scout with true American values and the mentality to always put in a full day‘a work. Also, I am part of the Community and Regional Planning Club and scorekeeper for the Iowa State Baseball Club. Ideally I would like to make Iowa State a better place for all As College of Design Senator I will take Design Student’s concerns into consideration and bring them fourth to student government meetings. I will bring a transparent light to the College of Design. I will also try to make the College of Design the best place it can be for the good of all students. I will represent the student constituency by actively seeking student input concerning all aspects of University governance. I will also develop policies in a fair, open, and consistent manner. 

Emi Thornton they/them

Running for College of Design Senate seat
My name is Emi Thornton and I am running for Senator of the College of Design.
I came to ISU as a transfer student in 2017 and met my best friend at DIS. 
Student government interests me because it gives students an opportunity to improve their learning environment. I enjoy having challenging conversations that advance the needs of many, and believe that I can do right be my fellow classmates. 
I’d like to facilitate transparent communication between faculty and students. I’d also like to get input from students on the type of lectures and events they’d like to see the college host, so that the college can host a mix of ones students want to see and ones the faculty believe would benefit our learning.

College of Engineering Candidates

Tiffanie Fix

Running for College of Engineering Senate seat

I am a Sophomore in Cyber Security Engineering. When Covid-19 was first declared a  panademic, I decided to take time from school as uncertainties with how the university would proceed became of concern. In my time off, I spent the last year in political positions starting as a field organizer then to campaign manager where I lead 4 successful races. I feel  we haven’t fully addressed concern on the impact online classes impact and as senate I want to raise attention. Particularly, incoming freshman/transfer students, untraditional students, students with accessibility needs, and international students. The Virtual format has restricted students of having the full college experience and left them feeling disconnected with campus life as it affects socializing with peers,  familiarizing oneself with Iowa State and accessibility to resources. Unfortunately, seeking help is not longer as easy as walking into the student service building. As I senate I want to raise awareness and make resources conviently found in one place .  Some may feel uncomfortable attending meetings at home; having said we should have options for in person meetings. With emphasis on engineering students who traditionally attend labs in person and students with accessibility, which can be an obstacle in understanding and doing course work. Furthermore,  Covid-19 affected many students financially and I want to fight for a temporary reduction of university fees with our inability to use ammenties to full advantage and would alleviate many student’s financial stress. I want to be the platform for students to speak upon and addressing issues in full transparency.

Advait M.

Running for College of Engineering Senate seat

Hello! I am Advait, and I’m a MechE student running for re-election because Student Government today is in a moment of crisis – and I believe we need significant changes if we are to stay relevant to the larger student experience. My work is not yet done, and I have seen the change we as students can bring about when we are really engaged.

My platform is driven by YOU – as always, reach out at, and I will be happy to help no matter what.

Over my past term, I have been involved to help make the student experience better in multiple ways – a quick overview includes working with ISUPD and Facilities Planning to try and get the Campus Safety Walk started after a long period of inactivity, working with ISU Dining to help address food insecurity, working the Student Counseling Center to deliberate ways to better collaboration on Mental Health Services, working with individual students on bringing their passion projects to the university, such as adding crosswalks on campus, and so on. I have been very active in the Engineering community as well, especially Engineering Student Council, such as by working to bridge the gap between the ESC and StuGov organizations, and have worked on projects such as the Engineering club calendar and building the framework to reach out to clubs better.

By voting for me, you will be voting for someone who is a student first, is aware of you as a student and your concerns, as well as someone who is concerned about campus. I want to make everyone feel welcome, give attention to the upcoming enrollment/financial limitations, and has the experience doing this ever since they came to campus. A vote for Advait is a vote for us!

Joseph Zuber

Running for College of Engineering Senate seat

I grew up in small town Iowa, where I founded my international esports organization, which I continue to run today. I am a Computer Engineering major, part of the Honors Program, currently serving as an Honors Student Board Representative, player for ISU’s Overwatch Varsity Team, and manager of both of Iowa State’s Overwatch teams as well. I am passionate about many things, like accountability and sustainability, but I am most passionate about always striving to become better. I’m campaigning for Engineering Senator because I think our student government can do better, and more specifically, I think they can do better in three key areas: First, I think everyone at Iowa State Deserves a quality education. This means that I will support measures that will bring professors back to the classroom, and give in-person lectures as health and safety permits. Secondly, I believe that every student deserves to feel included in our campus. This means I will support measures to expand esports here at Iowa State University, which serve an increasingly important role in our campus during the current health crisis (as esports allows you to compete as a team remotely), but will continue to serve an important role beyond. Esports allows people from all different cultures, backgrounds, genders, disabilities, and athletic ability to all compete together on the same level, and teaches many valuable skills in communication, teamwork, deliberate practice, and leadership. Thanks to our new on-campus esports room in Beyer Hall, you don’t even need to afford a fast computer in order to join in. Lastly, I think that we all deserve these things at a fair price. During these times, especially, I think that it is necessary to cut down on unnecessary spending within student government, in order to help those struggling right now. Many students are in a hard spot, financially, and we should be doing our best in order to ease that burden.

Fredericksen Court Candidates

Ryan Hurley

Running for Fredericksen Court Senate seat

I am focused on getting involved to try to make Student Government something that represents the people. I am currently serving as your Highly Respected IRHA Senator, and look forward to continuing to listen to my new constituents. The simple fact of the matter is that we’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death, Student Government has for a long while had minimal positive effects, but if I am elected, I look forward to doing as much as I can to really increase transparency for students. My first goal is to minimize the fee that students pay to Student Government, seeing as it is not spent well right now, my second goal is to bring forward transparency that allows all students to see finances and bills being brought forward, and my third goal is to ensure Fredericksen Court is properly represented in this government. I look forward to being your Senator.

Molly Simmons

Running for Fredericksen Court Senate seat

My name is Molly Simmons, and I am a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science and Global Resource Systems from Panora, IA. On-campus I am involved in Sigma Alpha, First Year Council, the Saint Thomas Aquinas student community, and I work at Conversations Dining. I am running for Freddy Court senator because I want to make student government an organization that works to solve campus-wide problems through cooperation and inclusion. As your representative, I will work to increase sustainability efforts on campus, strengthen the Iowa State Cyclone community, ensure everyone’s voices are heard by promoting diversity and inclusion on campus, and increase transparency between Frederiksen Court and student government. If elected as Freddy Court senator, I will be a servant leader who listens to and advocates for the needs of students in Freddy Court. 

IFC Candidates

Will Chleborad

Running for IFC Senate seat
Meet IFC Senator Candidate Will Chleborad
Major – Industrial Design
Pronouns – He/Him/His
Involvement On Campus – 
Student Government Health & Wellness Committee Member (x2)
Inter-Residence Hall Association Representative
Geoffroy Hall Vice President
Pickleball Club President
Table Tennis Club Treasurer
IFC Experience Rho Guy
Involvement Off-Campus – 
National Council Member
CYDI Vice President
USPTA Tennis Professional
A message from Will – 
I would love to take this time to formally introduce myself!
My name is Will Chleborad and I am a current Junior and a member of Beta Sigma Psi fraternity. I’m a proud Cyclone and Iowa native!
I have been involved in leadership opportunities around campus since my freshman year. Through these experiences, I have come to learn and understand the needs of students who I represent. I have been involved in Student Government for two years now as an At-Large member of a cabinet committee. I have been able to hear the voices and concerns in the ISU community when it comes to mental, emotional, physical, and academic health. Through this understanding I have been able to work as a team player to provide resources and advocate for change for students.
I base my thoughts and actions on my own experiences as well as the input and experience of those around me and those I represent. 
Through my experience, I and others have come to see how IFC and greek life, in general, is underrepresented and underutilized in the ISU community. My goal is to challenge and help others think about their perspectives on IFC and bring more positive recognition. My platform is centralized around the Five Iowa State Sorority and Fraternity Engagement Values. With each I bring forth two goals to promote honest and respectful communication of thoughts and ideas from yourself to governing bodies:
Open Dialogue
Ideals & Standards
Challenging Bias
Presenting Relevant Information
Keeping Updated on COVID-19
I would love to have the opportunity to represent you, your best interests, and everyone’s best interests as a whole.
I encourage you to follow my instagram handle @wdc4ifc to have to more in depth glimpse about my platform.
If you and your friends are in an IFC Fraternity, tune in on March 22nd and March 23rd to Vote WDC 4 IFC!
Together we can make our voices heard! 
Stay safe and healthy,
Will Chleborad
Candidate for IFC Senator

Cody McCreedy He/Him

Running for IFC Senate seat

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you get to know me better.   My name is Cody McCreedy, and I am currently a Junior at Iowa State University, studying History and Secondary Education and pursuing a minor in Political Science.  I am originally from Atlantic, a small town in Southwest Iowa, roughly halfway between Des Moines and Council Bluffs (when traveling on Interstate 80).  Growing up on a small farm was hard, but it allowed me to develop a strong worth ethic and critical personal skills: problem-solving, time-management, patience, hard work, and responsibility.  I graduated from Atlantic High School in 2018, ranking in the top 10 of my class academically, and I was a member of my school’s National Honor Society.  

While in college, I have been involved in many organizations, including the Salt Company, and I’m a proud member of the Theta Delta Chi B^ Chapter.  This year I was honored to be elected as our chapter’s scholarship chair. Our house obtained the most significant increase in GPA among all the ISU Fraternity chapters under my leadership.  I’ve had many jobs and leadership positions in my lifetime, but currently, I serve as a Legislative Clerk at the Iowa House of Representatives for District 54 Representative Shannon Latham.  As a clerk, my duties include researching various bills, topics, and other material to communicate with my representative, and I complete multiple projects and research in short periods of time.  

I have spent my entire life learning how to work hard to achieve goals and make others around me better.  I am driven to serve others and strive for excellence in everything I do and everyone I help.  As your potential IFC Senator, I will strive to increase communications across campus, along with individual fraternities.  We have a current problem with our communication across Greek Life, and once we fix this, we can look into other issues across Greek Land.  Until then, however, we cannot achieve anything else until our problem with communication is eliminated.  As members of the Student Government Senate, we also need to be smart with the student fees we collect to help benefit the student body and organizations across campus. Furthermore, mental health is a big issue that sits close to my heart.  All students should have the proper resources available to them here on campus, including individuals in Greek Life.  We as a University need to keep taking steps to help students with mental health issues as well as disabilities, in Greek life or not.  These individuals need to feel as welcomed at this University as all other students.  This applies to minority students as well.  We in student government have a responsibility to make sure all students are represented and have their voices heard.  Lastly, I am always open to new ideas and will listen to anyone, within Greek Land or not, if they have ideas regarding making our campus better.  Please do not hesitate to contact me through email (, Instagram DM (@codyforIFCSenator), phone (712-249-2894), or in-person on campus.  Thank you for your time and consideration, and God Bless.

IRHA Candidates

Harrison East

Running for IRHA Senate seat

 I major in Kinesiology and through my studies, I have learned many things that have to do with Health. If elected to IRHA Senator, I would like to help make Iowa State into a healthier place. I would do this by focusing on physical, mental, and environmental health. By doing this, I’m hoping ISU would become healthier and happier! 

LAS Candidates

Natalia Ríos Martínez

Running for LAS Senate seat
I am a junior pursuing a triple major in Political Science, International Studies, and Public Relations. I was born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Since my first year in college, I served in the Student Government as a Legislative Ambassador and as a Health and Wellness Committee Member. I want to represent the College of LAS as a senator. I have a strong commitment to human rights, which is why I currently serve in the Department of Transportation as a Civil Rights intern. I also work in the Procurement Technical Assistance Center, helping small businesses identify, compete for, and win government contracts. I have also interned at the Iowa House of Representatives and the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics. I serve as President of the Save the Children club, and I am also a Spanish Tutor. 

As a LAS Senator, I am excited to represent my community with passion, transparency, and respect as core values. I want to foster a new environment within student government that welcomes underrepresented students. As a woman, a Latina, and a member of the LAS community, I want to bring your concerns to the table so we can address them and help you succeed as a student. 

Nicholas Tansey

Running for LAS Senate seat

Hello, my name is Nicholas Tansey. Currently I am a Sophomore studying Political Science, and a candidate to be a Senator for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. My hometown is Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Something interesting about me is definitely my experiences abroad. While I haven’t studied abroad in my college experience yet, I’ve traveled to a number of different countries including; Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and a number of other beautiful places. My interests outside of studying include; Pre-Law Club, Lifeguarding with Recreational Services, as well as attending my church Saint Thomas Aquinas. 


Some of my core values that I hold myself accountable for everyday are determination, honesty, and morality. These help me shape my personal and professional life, and I intend to continue this through my work as a Senator. My main goals as a Senator include; Furthering Green Initiatives, Promoting Mental Health Awareness, and creating a safe campus environment by easing tensions and promoting unity. I’m looking forward to representing your views in Student Government!


If you have any other questions, be sure to follow my campaign’s instagram account @tansey4senate

Jay Waagmeester

Running for LAS Senate seat

Hi I’m Jay Waagmeester (he/him) and I am thrilled to be running for senator! I grew up in Rock Rapids, Iowa and I major in Public Relations and Marketing. A few things I am passionate about are governmental integrity, the safety of ISU students, and inclusability. As I look at the upcoming election I see the opportunity to fill a senate seat with integrity, ideation, and accountability. A vote for Jay is cast for a candidate with a heart for charity, and experience in politics. Loyalty to the position means an ear always open to students and exemplar attendance at senate meetings. I stand dedicated to representing ISU students as my sole duty, and I look forward to March 22nd and 23rd.

Charles Yang

Running for LAS Senate seat

I am a proud Iowa Stater and member of the ISUCF’V’MB CG. I study Data Science and Psychology because I have a strong interest in evidence-based ideas and people. Reason and empathy rule my decision-making, whether it be in everyday life, or as a potential senator. Additionally, I work as an ASC Tutor, and TA for the Department of Computer Science. I believe in diversity of people and productive ideas. My platform includes sustainability on campus, the practicality of alternative (and clean) transportation, and the enduring principle of free speech.
Instagram: @cy.for.senate

SUV Candidates

Jennifer Seth

Running for SUV Senate seat

I am a junior majoring in Environmental Science and Meteorology with a minor in Spanish. I am from Coffeen, Illinois, which is about an hour outside of St. Louis, MO. I am very passionate about the climate crisis, so my goal in life is to earn my PhD in climate science so that I can conduct research on the impacts climate change has on interactions between the atmosphere and the surface.

I have been living in University Village since June and absolutely love it! I will be living here next year as well, and I would love to represent the SUV community in Student Government. My goals as an SUV senator are as follows:
– Safety in SUV (crosswalks and GFCI implementation)
– Accessibility (looking into Zipcar and other affordability options for SUV residents)
– Sustainability (energy savings, SUV recycling and composting)
– Equity (childcare, collaborating with and supporting multicultural and international student groups)

However, I reocgnize that I am just one person, so I am here to support any of your needs!

UROC Candidates

Julie Anderson

Running for UROC Senate seat
Hello Everyone! 
My name is Julie Anderson (she/her), and I am a junior majoring in Agriculture and Society and Political Science. This past year, I served as a senator for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and a Sustainability Committee member. Some of the main projects and bills I worked on include: implementing recycling into Parks Library, purchasing new solar-powered recycling compactors for campus, and advocating for student health and on-campus activities during a pandemic. If elected as a UROC senator, I would like to bring more sustainable practices off-campus. An example of this would be to create a compost drop site through the Ames Food Waste Diversion Program that is located closer to campus, easily reachable for off-campus students on their route to campus. Additionally, due to off-campus residents’ diverse location and involvement, I would like to increase communication and transparency between student government and these students through social media and in-person meetings. 

Kit Clayburn

Running for UROC Senate seat

Hi, I am Kit Clayburn and I am a freshman studying animal ecology and biology. I am from Coal City, Illinois and my pronouns are He/They. I am currently an at-large member for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for Student Government. I want to focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the residents that live off-campus. Currently, I am working with Recreation Services to build a gender-neutral bathroom in Lied Rec and install menstrual hygiene dispensers in these buildings as well. I am excited to hopefully represent that residents that live off-campus and bridge the gap between them and those living on-campus.

Eliana Crabb (she/her)

Running for UROC Senate seat

I am a rising senior in Hospitality Management and I am the current Director of Outreach for Student Government. I am running to be your next UROC Senator because I believe in accessibility, affordability and diversity, and inclusion. I have and am currently working on projects like the Social Justice Forum, Women’s Week 2021, the Umbrella Project (bringing rentable umbrellas on campus), COVID-19 Campus Climate Survey, Mental Health for Athletes, ASL translators for debates, Consent is BAE 2.0 and Election Outreach. My largest goal for Off-Campus students is to bring awareness to resources that are available to them and increasing student’s well-being. 

Victoria Fillipi

Running for UROC Senate seat

Victoria is a sophomore majoring in Political Science, originally from Sioux City, Iowa. She is involved with student government as a Legislative Ambassador and involved with the Sorority and Fraternity community as a member of Delta Gamma. Outside of ISU, Victoria is a clerk in the Iowa House of Representatives and an Airman in the Iowa Air National Guard. As a senator for student government, she plans to focus on transfer credit transparency, implementing e-scooters in Ames and eliminating class delivery fees.

Allison Gates

Running for UROC Senate seat

Hello! My name is Allison Gates and I am originally from Faribault, Minneota. I am currently a sophomore studying Criminal Justice and I am the Vice-President of the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA). Being the Vice-President of IRHA, I have been at the forefront of leading a large organization and have been acquainted with campus politics. I look forward to using my abilities to serve Off-Campus students and continue to be actively involved with our busy university. Through Student Government, I hope to bring more attention to the quality of the mental health services we are providing students. Vote Allison Gates for UROC Senator on March 22 & 23 to Open the Gates of Opportunity.

Sonja Paulson (she/her)

Running for UROC Senate seat

Sonja is a junior majoring in Marketing with minors in Event Management and Women and Gender Studies. She was the Diversity and Inclusion Chair this past year in her sorority, Sigma Kappa. She is also a member of Fraternal Values Society and Iowa State Dance Marathon. If elected, Sonja plans to focus on diversity and inclusion, transparency, and sustainability.

Emily Rizvic (she/her)

Running for UROC Senate seat

Emily Rizvic is a senior studying Political Science and Community and Regional Planning, and is from Des Moines, Iowa. She has been involved in Student Government since being a freshman, and has held the role of Election Commissioner. She has interned at Story County as a Planner, drafting ordinances for sensitive environmental areas and is currently working on an affordable housing project in the City of Grand Junction. This summer, she will be interning for Linn County as a Planner.

If elected, Emily hopes to promote a culture of collaboration, transparency, accessibility and inclusivity within Student Government and in the Iowa State community. In addition, she would like to work towards finding innovative solutions to combating food insecurity on campus, promote policies and initiatives supporting cultural competency and justice, and implement best management practices within Student Government to foster a community of collaboration, innovation, and transparency.

You can follow along on Emily’s campaign by following her Instagram – Emily4UROC