Candidate Information

2023 Election Results

Within the two documents linked below, you will find all the information regarding the outcome of the 2022 ISU Student Government. 

2022 Election Results

Within the four documents linked below, you will find all the information regarding the outcome of the 2022 ISU Student Government

Candidate Information

This page contains biographies that were given by the candidates running in the 2022 elections. For more information on election visit our elections page or contact the Election Commission. Happy Voting!

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Executive Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of President and Vice-President in this years General Election for ISU Student Government.


Kit Clayburn

Running for President

Kit Clayburn started his work in Student Government when he led a project of building a gender-neutral/ family bathroom in Lied Recreation Center when he was a member of the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA). When Kit joined Student Government as a senator, he was able to accomplish the task of finding funding for the project that helped him win Senator of the Year. After serving as a senator, Kit now serves as the Director of Finance for Student Government and leads the effort in allocating the $2.6 million that Student Government is given each year to give back to students. 



Outside Student Government, Kit spends his time working towards his double major of animal ecology and biology. Along with academics, he is a member of the honors program, he enjoys working on undergraduate research, and serves on Dr. Younger’s advisory board. 

Ella Slade

Running for Vice-President

Ella Slade currently serves as the United Residence Off Campus (UROC) President in Student Government. She works towards representing Off-Campus students and has been for the last two terms. Ella is a journalism and mass communications student with a minor in design studies. Outside of Student Government, she is a communications intern with the engineering college relations, works with Student Wellness, and is a server at Wallaby’s in Ames. 


Emily Roberts

Running for President

Hello Cyclone Nation! My name is Emily Roberts, a Chemical Engineering major with a minor in Energy Systems, and I am running for Student Body President. I transferred to Iowa State in January of 2021 and have pursued every opportunity to get involved on this incredible campus. Currently, I serve as Chief of Staff, aiding the President and Vice President in running the Executive Cabinet and ensuring directors have what they need to be successful. Previously, I served as Director of Academic Affairs, where I worked with university administration to implement academic policies, such as the removal of the course drop limit, to improve the student experience. Outside of Student Government, I have been involved in the sorority and fraternity community at the chapter and council levels, helped plan this past year’s homecoming, and served as a peer mentor. I hope to continue serving the students at the greatest university in the world this next year as Student Body President so that Iowa State can truly be for each student and for all cyclones!

Community Involvements:
Chief of Staff
2022 CBE Peer Mentor
2022 Homecoming Central Yell Like Hell Director
Kappa Alpha Theta Vice President of Education (2022)
2022 Greek Week Central Spirit Director
Director of Academic Affairs (2021-2022)
Engineering Fall Career Fair Executive Team (2021)
2021 Greek Week Crew
Collegiate Panhellenic Council Vice President of Civic Engagement (2021)
Iowa State Athletics Department Tutor and Mentor
Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement Student Technology Coordinator
ISUPD Advisory Board Member
ISU Committee on Lectures Member
Jack Trice Commemoration Committee Member

Jennifer Holliday

Running for Vice-President

What’s up, Cyclones! My name is Jennifer Holliday, and I am running to become your next Student Body Vice President. I am currently a sophomore triple majoring in Agriculture Studies, Journalism & Mass Communications, and International Agriculture. Over the last two years, I have been hard at work participating in the endless opportunities that Iowa State has provided me. This community has quickly become near and dear to my heart as a second home. My goal is to find ways to grant every student who comes to Iowa State the same amazing experiences I have had. This journey so far has been the time of my life through connecting with students across campus, faculty, and more members within Student Government. I am excited to continue this journey with you all so Emily and I can continue to make Iowa State a community for each student and for all cyclones.


Community Involvements:
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Senator
CALS Council, Student Government Representative
Student Government Health & Wellness Committee
Student Government Public Relations Committee
Sigma Alpha Leadership Development Co-Chair
Sigma Alpha Banquet Committee
Professional Agriculture Students Public Relations Chair
Hayden Hall Council Public Relations

Senator Candidates

Meet the candidates here! Browse through the list of candidates or just scroll through the page. For any information on running or about election visit the Elections page.

BUSQuinn Margrett     
LASObi AgbaAsray Gopa    
GPSSEdward Mahoney     
HSCIBrandon Kamstra     
ENGJessica GuerreroAnna HackbarthMax Kueller   

CPCMadeline Becker     
IFCErik Braun     
UROCAlex CecilStacia DreyKolton EismaDavid HeidenrichAlexandra MomaneyLena Vo

College Senator Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of College Senator at the ISU Student Government. 

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Currently, no candidates are running for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Senate Seats.

College of Design

Currently, no candidates are running for the College of Design Senate Seat.

College of Engineering

Jessica Guerrero

Running for ENG Senate Seat

Hello, my name is Jessica Guerrero and I’m currently a Freshman majoring in Software Engineering. I’m super excited to get the opportunity to run for a senate seat as a representative of the College of Engineering. I hope to be a voice for the underrepresented communities at Iowa State. 


Anna Hackbarth

Running for ENG Senate Seat

I’m a senior studying Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. I am the Co-President of Engineers’ Week, the Vice President of Administration for Engineering Student Council, and I am Vice President of my sorority, Tau Beta Sigma. I strive to be very involved on campus by participating in the Cyclone Marching Band, the Iowa State Pep Bands, and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Advisory Council. It was an honor serving on Student Government last year, and I hope to be reelected to continue to make Iowa State a better community!

Max Kueller

Running for ENG Senate Seat

My name is Max Kueller, I use they/them pronouns, and am a senior majoring in Software Engineering. I am running as a Senatorial Candidate for the College of Engineering because I want to improve the lives of my fellow students. My campaign goals, I believe, are feasible and effective. This is important to me because  I want to make sure that the goals I set for myself in this role can be accomplished during my term. My first goal is a continuation of a project I am currently in the middle of, which is called Cyclone Support. Cyclone Support is a collaborative effort between the Daily, Student Government, and Student Wellness. We are creating a website that will list all of the various resources the University offers, including resources for mental health, financial health, physical health, and identity-based issues. I also would like to meet directly with my constituents regularly. In doing this, I want to make my constituents feel heard and understood. I would also take these meetings to ask for feedback about Student Government, and the University. In a nutshell, I am running to be a representative of students. Further, I believe that my platform is achievable, yet effective. 

Graduate College

Eddie Mahoney

Running for GPSS Senate Seat

My name is Eddie Mahoney and I am running to retain my seat as a senator, representing graduate students in Senate. I am the current graduate senator and serve as the Speaker of the Senate for Student Government, where I oversee the legislative branch as a whole, and work closely with the other chief officers. I am a first year graduate student pursuing my masters in computer science, and I graduated with my bachelor’s in computer science last May from Iowa State. This is my 6th year at ISU, and I am pursuing my third year as a senator. In years past I have held a number of positions across campus, including being a member of IRHA parliament, the director of leadership for IRHA, treasurer for the computer science and software engineering club, treasurer for various hall and house councils in the dorms, and a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon. 

My goals are to continue to advocate for graduate student needs to student government and administration, and further improve and strengthen the relationship between GPSS and Student Government. Graduate students face unique challenges, being often both students and employees of the university, but without the benefits and pay that they deserve for the critical roles they fulfill at the university. Without graduate students, Iowa State would not function, and I intend to leverage Student Government’s platform to further push for more fair working conditions for graduate students across campus. 

College of Human Sciences

Brandon Kamstra

Running for H SCI Senate Seat

Hello, my name is Brandon Kamstra. I am a Junior Studying Kinesiology Pre Med. I currently serve as the IFC Housing Senator and aspire to be elected to represent the college of Human Sciences. I have fallen in love with ISU, Ames, and the communities I am a part of. So much of what ISU has to offer gets lost in translation, and I hope to shine a light on the things that allow my fellow cyclones to succeed. I am passionate about seeing everyone feel and experience what ISU has offered me, and I see no better way than to be your voice, advocate, and representative. Iowa State has become my home and I hope it can for every cyclone!

Ivy College of Business

Quinn Margrett

Running for BUS Senate Seat

My name is Quinn Margrett; I’m a first-year Cyclone studying business economics and political science. I was appointed a Residence Hall Senator at the beginning of the school year, and since then, I’ve served as acting chair of the Local Affairs Committee, I’ve joined the rules committee, and I was recently appointed by my fellow senators to serve on the Special Student Fees and Tuition Committee. I understand the struggles of paying your U Bill on time, and I’ll work to ensure your tuition isn’t higher than it needs to be while at the same time making important investments in your education. 


I’m seeking to be elected to the College of Business because there’s an incredible opportunity for growth and leadership. When it comes to the needs of students in our college, I’m excited to continue fighting food insecurity and supporting sustainability. If you’re leading a student organization at Ivy, my goal is to put your focus back on what matters: your members and their experiences–not bureaucratic and financial obstacles. Within our student government, I’ll work to build more opportunities for more effective student input into decisions that impact us all. 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Obi Agba

Running for LAS Senate Seat

Ndeewo! My name is Obi Agba, and I humbly seek reappointment as a Liberal Arts & Science senator. I have been involved with student government as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Vice-Chair and the Local Affairs DEI Vice-Chair. Through these positions, I have worked to support numerous clubs and individuals, providing funding and guidance throughout the student government system. I firmly believe in the urgency to address the intersectionality of race, class, and gender and its applications within our local community. With my assistance in the LAS Dean Student Advisory Council, LAS Student Council, and as the Political Science department DEI student representative, I have collaborated effectively with fellow students and faculty to ensure the well-being of the student body and enhance our school’s organizations. My current initiative is to interconnect our LAS organizations and multicultural clubs to establish a comprehensive repository of resources. This effort promotes university networking, inter-club collaboration, resource sharing, and exposure to various ideas and perspectives. By electing me this March, we can work together to enhance our campus to be more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous. Thank you for considering my candidacy!

Asray Gopa

Running for LAS Senate Seat

I’m Asray Gopa. I’m a freshman majoring in Computer Science from Bangalore, India. 

Some of my key priorities for Student Government are bringing in free or subsidized tutoring for students, building a database for all the great opportunities and free utilities on campus, stopping overspending in the Student Government, working with governmental affairs to advocate for issues that are impacting students, increasing mental and social health support for students, and working with clubs to bring them the help and support they need. 

I would be the strongest advocate for your rights and focus on bringing better academic, social, and mental support. My main and first priority is connecting students with opportunities on campus. We have so many great programs that are not being used to their full potential due to a lack of marketing and outreach. 

College of Veterinary Medicine

Currently, no candidates are running for the College of Veterinary Medicine Senate Seat.

Residency Senator Candidates

Below is a list of all the members running for the position of Residency Senator at the ISU Student Government. 

College Panhellenic Council Residence

Madeline Becker

Running for CPC Senate Seat

Hey everyone!  

My name is Madeline Becker and I am running for re-election as the CPC Senator.  I am a sophomore majoring in Economics and Political Science while serving as the Education Vice President of Gamma Phi Beta. Representing the sorority community has been a great experience and I love working on behalf of all chapters. One of my accomplishment from this year was leading the Student Government’s International Women’s Day committe. Women belong in all spaces at Iowa State, and empowering each other is the best way to ensure we all succeed. If re-elected, I hope to continue to advocate for the CPC community in the University at large. From increased safety in Greekland to funding for accessibility projects, there is much that can be done to make our community even better than it already is. Thank you for your consideration and with your vote, I would love to get back to work!  

Frederiksen Court Apartments

Currently, no candidates are running for the Frederiksen Court Apartments Senate Seat.

Interfraternity Council Residence

Erik Braun

Running for IFC Senate Seat

Hello everyone, I am Erik Braun. I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I am currently one of the senators for the college of engineering and the president of Delta Sigma Phi. I am running for the IFC senator position because I really want to get the Greek community more involved with the Iowa State and Ames community. I believe that there is a lot of untapped potential from some of the hardest working people at Iowa State. I am looking forward to becoming a very proactive senator that really listens to issues at hand and tries to tackle them to the best of my ability! I plan to sit on the local affairs committee and provide a lot of input to the Ames community.


Alex Cecil

Running for UROC Senate Seat

My name is Alex Cecil, I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering and Agronomy, I have been in student government since my freshman year and have been able to work with many great people and on many amazing projects. In the coming year I would like to really focus on reducing the lease gap in off campus housing, this is a project I have been working to get off the ground in the past few months and have been researching how it can be tackled. Our priority as off campus residential representatives should be the guarantee of comfortable and efficient access to residences as students.

Stacia Drey

Running for UROC Senate Seat

My name is Stacia Drey and I am a sophomore with a major in journalism and political science. I am running for re election as an off-campus housing senator position after having served this past year. I look forward to representing my constituents again and making sure the issues they value are brought up in student senate meetings. My biggest priority lies with making sure that our ISU off campus residents are kept in the loop about events around campus. This past year my favorite part of student government has been participating in different student government sponsored events like the party smart tailgates in the fall. I can’t wait to hopefully represent you all again!

Kolton Eisma

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello, Everyone! My name is Kolton Eisma, and I am running for one of the United Residents Off Campus (UROC) Senator positions within the Student Government. I am a sophomore in Ag. Business with an option in supply chain, from Hawarden, IA. Since my freshman year, I have been involved in Student Government through the Residential Hall Senator position, where I assisted in being a liaison between Student Govt. and the Inter Residential Hall Association (IRHA). This has given me insight into the ongoings of the residential hall councils and has allowed me to broaden my views and steer me toward the three main pillars of my current platform;  

  1. Advocacy for Disability Awareness; Increase awareness, and promote integration and inclusion of all with disabilities. Lack of knowledge & uncertainties creates a stigma towards those who need the right accommodations even though it’s not their choice but their need. Advocating for more accessibility for the physically challenged students who can’t rely on campus for reliable accommodations. 
  2. Outreach For Constituency; During my time as a Res. Hall Senator, I developed more connectivity between the IRHA and Student Govt. by creating more documentation of our senate proceedings; I plan to continue this documentation to the UROC meetings.
  3. Financial Transparency; Where Student Funds go and how we, as a governing body, give back to the students of Iowa State. It requires communication with all clubs on campus and managing our finances, ensuring an always transparent view of where everyone’s money goes.

Alexandra Momaney

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello! My name is Alexandra Momaney and I am a second-year student majoring in Global Resource Systems with a technical area in sustainably and minor in political science. I served in senate my first year at Iowa State and would love the opportunity to continue to serve not only off-campus students, but represent the body for the good of all. Along with this I would love the opportunity to finish projects I have started that aimed around underrepresented groups on campus. I appreciate your votes! 

Lena Vo

Running for UROC Senate Seat

Hello! My name is Lena Vo, and I am currently a UROC Senator that would like to continue my term into its second year. I am a sophomore majoring in Linguistics (Pre-SLP) and involved in both StuGov’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Student Initiatives committees. I am also a facilitator for the multicultural organization Color of Love. My goal as a senator is to give voice and resources to those part of marginalized communities, encourage diversity within student government, emphasize the importance of accessibility for all students, prioritize resources we can give to students who are in financial or mental health crises, and to increase overall student body participation. I would like to make Iowa State a place for all students to feel safe and to build a sense of community.   

Residence Hall

David Heidenreich

Running for IRHA Senate Seat

Hey all, I’m David Heidenreich, and currently one of your Residence Hall senators. I’m a 3rd year in mechanical engineering, minoring in biomedical engineering and German. I have been a part of IRHA (Inter-Residence Hall Association) since my freshman year. I’m a part of Groove and like playing the piano and reading. I’m a part of the Health and Wellness committee and have been working on helping students suffering from food insecurity. Food insecurity and mental health are huge issues on campus and I want to help support students with them as best as I can. Tight-knit communities, such as residence halls, as great places to provide resources and information to combat these such issues, and I believe that my experience working with and living in these halls makes me an excellent choice to represent them.

Schilletter and University Village Apartments

Currently, no candidates are running for the Schilletter (SV) and University Village (UV) Apartments Seat.