Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

It is fair to say that 2021 has been a year like no other and around the world people are standing up for ideals of equality and inclusion. Join the Student Government’s efforts to help create a campus that is diverse and united, expressive and respectful, and inclusive and supportive of the student body.

What we do?

  • We open discussions and create initiatives through Student Government that promote the values of diversity and inclusion.
  • We partner with other student groups on campus for initiatives, providing resources, help, and support in their initiatives. 
  • We speak about current issues impacting our campus, the country, and the world at large. 

Member responsibilities

  • Working towards creating a space in which everyone is respected and feels comfortable coming forward with issues that they see on campus.
  • Attending meetings set by the group.
  • Working alongside other members to work on initiative and projects.
  • Bringing forward issues that are being brought up by other students on campus and advocating for them in the committee meetings.

Upcoming Events:

Town Hall Event – November 15 (6 p.m. to 8 p.m.) at Campanile Room, MU [Food provided] 

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Town Hall Nov 15 2022

2022 Social Justice Forum

On January 29th, the 2022 Social Justice Summit was held in the Memorial Union. Social justice is the continuous process of eliminating ignorance and prejudice through education and advocacy. The goal is to bring about greater equity among all members of society and ensuring every dimension of identity is not oppressed by society as a whole.

In its 11th year, the Social Justice Summit is designed for ISU students aimed at developing advocates and activists and promotes critical questioning and relevant actions while providing avenues for addressing global injustice. Dr. Toiya Younger, the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, was the keynote speaker for the event. A takeaway from her speech:

Social Justice isn’t equity or fairness. It isn’t providing equal opportunities to everyone, but rather removing all of the barriers that led us to needing assistance to reach these opportunities in the first place.”

Committee Projects!

Elena Hoffman

Flags at Graduation

Flags at Graduation More information coming soon Questions? Do you have any questions about the event? Feel free to contact the Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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If you have any questions or would simply like to reach out to the director of this committee, please email aabuhman@iastate.edu.

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Abhiraj Agarwal

I.D.E.A. Director

Would like to submit an idea?

The committee would love to hear what you have in mind to help better elevate student lives at Iowa State University related to diversity and inclusion