Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

This committee is geared towards allowing all students of differing backgrounds to have an advocate for them both around campus and in the Student Government. 

Meet the wonderful committee members!

What we do?

  • We help students and student organizations partner with other groups on campus for initiatives that they may have along with resources of help and support. 
  • We are tied to student government by the Director of Diversity and Inclusion sitting on the cabinet of Student Government. The committee is led by the Director and is associated with student government. 
  • Members of the committee are both senators of the Student Government and at-large members. 

Member responsibilities

  • The main roles and responsibilities are working towards creating a space in which everyone is respected and feels comfortable coming forward with issues that they see on campus.
  • Attending meetings as set by the group, and if unable to make the meeting informing the director ahead of time.
  • Working alongside other members to work on initiative and projects
  • Bringing forward issues that are being brought up by other students on campus and advocating for them in the committee meetings.

Initiatives for the committee this year:

  • Flag projects which highlights our international diversity on campus.
  • Menstrual hygiene advocacy on behalf of all students and their identities.
  • Bring attention to past figures in Iowa history who have advocated on behalf of individuals of marginalized identities.   

Statement from the Committee Chair:

My overall goals for this committee is to continue to advocate on behalf of all students for issues that occur on campus that they would like us to address. We are here to connect groups on campus to help with issues that may arise while also putting forward our own initiatives in support. At the end of the day, we are here to make Iowa State University as inclusive to all students of all identities. 

- Elena Hoffman

Committee Projects!

Elena Hoffman

Flags at Graduation

Flags at Graduation More information coming soon Questions? Do you have any questions about the event? Feel free to contact the Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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If you have any questions or would simply like to reach out to the director of this committee, please email Elena Hoffman (She/Her/Hers) at elenah@iastate.edu .

Meet the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

Elena Hoffman

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

Would like to submit an idea?

The committee would love to hear what you have in mind to help better elevate student lives at Iowa State University related to diversity and inclusion