Student Government reviews and passes legislation during senate meetings. In addition to passing legislation, Student Government is bound by and must follow legislation. The three pieces of governing documents that Student Government follows are Bylaws, Finance Priorities and Criteria, and the Constitution.
  • The Constitution is Student Government’s fundamental principles that govern the entire organization.
  • Bylaws are the specific rules of guidance by which Student Government must follow.
  • Priorities and Criteria are essentially the funding criteria that the Finance Committee and Senate must follow for funding bills.

In addition to the governing legislation, Student Government has the ability to create legislation (i.e. Senate Resolutions, Funding Legislation, Bylaw changes, Etc.). Descriptions for every type of legislation Student Government writes are located in the Bylaws. The three governing documents (Bylaws, Priorities and Criteria, and the Constitution) are below.

To see a complete list of all Resolutions, Funding Bills, and Bylaw changes from previous sessions, please visit the “Document Library” on the bottom of this page.


Legislation Process

Each piece of legislation has a special process it must go through to be written. This process of legislation completion is defined in the Bylaws. Every piece of legislation must be written by a Senator in order to make it to the senate floor. If you are not a Senator, but have an idea for a bill, please contact one of our Senators, and they will be willing to help out. For more information on legislation, please read Chapter 4 of the Bylaws titled, “Senate Rules of Order”.

Legislation Documents

Visit the Document Library

If you would like view all the Legislation Documents of the Student Government, visit the Document Library.

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