Student Initiatives Committee

Student Initiatives Committee

Student Initiatives is the super cool committee that gets stuff DONE.
We collaborate, organize, and execute the core of Student Government’s mission of serving students!
Further, as a member, you get to steer the direction StuGov goes in.

Cool Stuff we've done

Just in the past term:

  • Campus Safety Walk
  • Give-A-Swipe Program (360+ meals raised with ISU Dining for food-insecure students)
  • Working with Student Counseling Services and tabling for Mental Health Awareness
  • Campus Accessibility Walk
  • Mental Health Walk
  • and much, much more!

Committee Meetings

  • Spring 2021
    • 2021-04-22: Details here
  • Fall 2021 and beyond:
    • TBD

Check out our Projects:

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