Executive Branch

Executive Branch Meetings

Each week the Executive Branch or “Cabinet” meet to discuss projects and initiatives related to the Student Body. This page consists of the Cabinet meeting agendas as well as the Executive Updates President Graber gives at the weekly Senate meetings. 

Quinn Margrett

Vice President

Stacia Drey

Chief of Staff

Mindi Heeren

Non-Profit Coordinator

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Megan Murano

Director of Student Services

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Madi Harvey

Sr. Director of Communications

Madeline Becker

Director of Governmental Affairs

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Abhiraj Agarwal

I.D.E.A. Director

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Director of Academic Affairs

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Anna J Spahn

Director of Health and Wellness

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Esha Gadgil

Director of Information Technology


Director of Outreach

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Olivia Miller

Director of Sustainability

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Jeffery Clark

Ex-Officio Ames City Council Liaison

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Mia Kawamitsu

Director of International Student Experience

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Mytch Hagan

Director of Affordability

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Chase Anderson

Director of Marketing

Meeting Updates:

This section contains weekly meeting information.

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Executive Updates

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