Health and Wellness Committee

Health and Wellness Committee

This committee is dedicated to providing applicable resources for all Iowa State student’s success in regard to health and wellness. The members of this committee work with other ISU departments and Student Government Committees to form a cohesive alliance with the goal of enhancing the overall student experience!

If you are interested in participating in the committee, please use the following link to apply via google forms. We look forward to working with you!

What we do?

  • During the 2020-2021 school year, the committee’s focus is on dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, the surge in students who need access to mental health resources or health care because of it, and fostering conversation to end stigmas regarding our health as college students
  • It is imperative to this committee that at the center of this triad be the consideration of culture and diversity so that we may provide the most comprehensive service for our vast population of students. 
  • Using education via social media outlets, and outreach events, this committee works tirelessly to make Iowa State a safe, healthy and inclusive space for all students. 
  • All students are encouraged to participate.

Goals for this year:

  • Get Yourself Tested – GYT (Continuation)
    • Partners: Thielen Health Center, Student Wellness
  • Social Media Outreach
    • Working on shedding light on how mental health affects students of different backgrounds
    • Exclusive looks at resources on campus relevant to students. 
    • Emphasis on bringing about conversations around diversity
  • Health Disparities
    • Looking to build an idea of how health services are administered and accessible to students of different races, backgrounds, etc.

What's going on?

Raia Arbisi

Lifestyle Expo 2020

The Lifestyle Expo is an all in one event that allows students to learn about services and programs that can improve well-being through the Mind,

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Statement from the Committee Chair:

My goal is that every student at Iowa State feels empowered and educated enough to make valuable choices for themselves regarding their health. Whether that be utilizing Student Counseling Services, getting themselves tested for sexually-transmitted infections, or simply picking up a workout class. Knowledge is power when it comes to your wellbeing.

- Sophie Young


If you have any questions or would simply like to reach out to the director of the committee: Contact me via My Page

Meet the Health and Wellness Committee Chair

Sophie Young

Health and Wellness Committee Chair

Would like to submit an idea?

The committee would love to hear what you have in mind to help better elevate student lives at Iowa State University related to student health and wellness.