Apply to be a Supreme Court Justice for StuGov!

Apply to be a Supreme Court Justice for StuGov!

Student Government Supreme Court Justice Position and Descriptions


We are excited to see your interest in the Supreme Court Justice position! As a Supreme Court Justice, you must be able to express a vast amount of knowledge on the bylaws and constitution to ensure Student Government is in compliance with all laws. Just like the federal Supreme Court, the Student Government Supreme Court has no term limits as long as you are still a student at Iowa State University. 


Student Government is currently in the process of a Supreme Court reform in terms of duties and expectations listed in the constitution and bylaws, so some additional duties may be added following the outcome of the Constitutional referendum, but nothing strenuous. 


This application is for the Associate Justice position as the Chief Justice is chosen among the Associate Justices. 


Duties and Responsibilities:



  • Primary interpreter of all laws of the Student Government. 
  • (Constitution, Bylaws, Priorities, and Criteria, etc.)
  • Hear cases arising out of the Student Government Constitution and laws of the government. 
  • Serve as the student representative on the Student Conduct Hearing board. 
  • Provide binding interpretations of the Constitution and all laws of the Government.
  • Complete training before hearing any case. 
  • Attend weekly meetings, office hours, and additional duties tasked by the Chief Justice. 



All members of the Supreme Court may also be assigned to duties not expressly listed in the position descriptions tasked either by the President and/or Chief Justice. 


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