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Give-A-Swipe Program (Spring 2021)

Thank you to everyone that participated in the program! We have collected over 360 meals to help food-insecure peers on campus over the Spring 2021 cycle. If you are a student that needs to access these emergency meals, please reach out to any of the following program partners: Office of Student Assistance-Phone: 515-294-1020 Student Wellness-Phone: 515-294-1099 … Continue reading Give-A-Swipe Program (Spring 2021)

Height Adjustable Desks now in Parks Library

“The adjustable-height tables have arrived and are now in place on the 3rd floor of Parks Library, facing out to the south lawn. Thank you very much for leading this effort, and thank you to Student Government for voting to assist with funding. Students are going to love them!” –Beth McNeil, Dean of Library Services … Continue reading Height Adjustable Desks now in Parks Library

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