Run in the 2021 Student Government Elections!

Run in the Student Government Elections!


Want to make change on campus? Are you interested in becoming involved in Student Government? Run a campaign to be seated in an executive or senatorial office! Campaigning in the elections begins on February 28, 2021 at 7:00am.


I’m not sure…. What does Student Government do?

Members of Student Government serve students on campus to improve students needs through advocacy and empowerment. The Student Government Senate debates student issues and passes legislation and allocates student fee money. The President and Vice President of the student body acts as an official representative of Iowa State University students and oversees the executive cabinet, who executes policy initiatives to advance student interests.


Those interested in the senatorial seat can expect the following time commitments:

  • Senate meets every Wednesday at 6:00pm. These meetings are live-streamed on the Student Government Youtube page.
  • Senators are required to be seated in one Student Government Committee.
  • Additionally, seated senators must attend their constituency council meetings.

I’m interested! How do I get my name on the ballot?

To start, you will first need to attend an informational session and sign and submit a Statement of Intent form. Statement of Intent forms declare which seat you are running for and can be found here. Here are the following documents that will need to be submitted to register as a candidate:

  • A signed and fully completed Statement of Intent form; and
  • Attendance at an Informational Session pertaining to the seat you are running for; and
  • If you are running as an Executive Slate, you will need to submit a P-Card application and have you designated Finance Officer attend additional training.

If you are interested in running as a SENATORIAL slate, click here to download a candidate packet filled with resourceful materials and forms, you will need to run your campaign.

If you are interested in running as an EXECUTIVE slate, click here to download a candidate packet filled with resourceful materials and forms you will need to run your campaign.


One last thing….. What is the ‘Election Code’?

If you are interested in running in the Student Government Elections, you will need to abide by all policies outlined in the Election Code. These codes are to ensure a fair and equal election. This code is included in the candidate packets listed above



If you have any questions regarding the Student Government elections or are interested in being involved in the Elections, please contact the Election Commission at


Best of luck!

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