Student Voting at ISU

Voting at ISU

Voting information can be very difficult to access as a student. This is especially true for freshmen who have just moved to a new town and are voting for the first time. The information is spread among multiple different websites throughout both the county auditor’s and state auditor’s web-pages. The confusion and the hurdles ultimately drive down turnout as students believe that they are ineligible. As such, this web-page has been constructed to centralize all the information necessary in order for student at ISU to vote. A PDF version of the pictures below can be found here

Voter Registration (Deadline October 24th)

Absentee Voting (Deadline October 24th)

Early Voting

  • Scheman early voting dates (9am to 4pm): October 12th, 13th, 19th, and 21st
  • Ames Public Library–NOT Parks Library–early voting dates (9am to 4pm): October 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st
  • NOTE: signed & sealed absentee ballots are also accepted during these times at these locations

Election Day Voting

  • You may get registered on Election Day if you haven’t already
  • If you’ve requested an absentee ballot, bring it if you have the ballot. And if you have lost it, you can still vote, just let the poll worker know
  • Pictured below outlines what you should bring with you to the polls on election day
  • Polling Locations in High Populated Areas are also pictured below. pdf here
  • Don’t see your area? Visit here
  • Go here for a map of polling locations

Get Involved

  • Become a poll worker!
    • Election days run smoothly thanks to the hard work of our poll workers, who normally are retired. Right now, it is unsafe for our older residents to be working the polls. By becoming a poll worker, you can ensure the election occurs with the lowest COVID-19 risk to the most vulnerable. 
  • Looking to Volunteer? Join Vote Everywhere!
    • This Catt Center for Women and Politics affiliate group will be working hand in hand with Student Government’s Civic Engagement Committee to encourage students to vote. 
  • Want to organize? Join the Civic Engagement Committee!
    • This committee within Student Government plans and coordinates the voting efforts on campus. 
    • Email:

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