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Hey Cyclones! My name is Jacob Ludwig, I am
a double major in Economics and Political
Science and I am running for Student Body
President. I have spent the last several years
working in and outside of Student Government
to better our community. Right now I serve as
Chief of Staff for the current President and Vice
President, helping them manage the Executive
Cabinet and making sure everyone has the
resources they need to get their work done. In
the past I’ve served in a variety of Student
Government leadership positions where I’ve
worked on issues of affordability, inclusivity, and
transparency among others. I am so excited to
start this campaign and to talk with you about
how we can empower ISU together.

Community Involvements:
Chief of Staff
Speaker of the Student Senate (2020-2021)
Legislative Ambassador
ASSET Volunteer
Vice-President of the Board for CyRide
ISUPD Advisory Board Member
Chair of the ISU Committee on Lectures
Ames Parks & Rec Commission
Teaching Assistant POL S 355First-Year Council President

Hello Iowa State! My name is Jaden
Ahlrichs and I am a double major in Global
Resource Systems and Horticulture, and I
am running to be your next Student Body
Vice-President. Coming from small-town
Iowa, Iowa State has fostered a community
that has supported my academic, personal,
and professional success. I want every
student that comes to Iowa State to have
the same community that I have the
privilege of enjoying. As an RA, a
Residence Hall Senator, and a past Cyclone
Aide, I work to ensure new students have
access to the resources they need and
cultivate opportunities for community
building. Embarking on this journey to
empower ISU will be the highlight of my
college career and I can’t wait for you to join

Community Involvements:
RA in Geoffroy Hall
Residence Hall Senator
Cyclone Aide (Summer 2020)
Alpha Zeta
Language Studies Resource Center Student
AssistantIRHA Director of Events
CALS Council, Alpha Zeta Representative
Teaching Assistant for Globe 120
Willow Hall Council
Hixson Student Board
First Year Leadership Council

Our Platform Points

  • Create a Rental Guide for First Time Renters
    • Gather useful information about the local renting options, rules, rights, and
      tricks so that new renters can make the best choice.
  • Establish a Food Insecurity Taskforce
    • Nearly 1/3rd of ISU Students are considered food insecure, we will work with
      community partners to better use current resources and expand access to
  • Continue Support for Cheaper Textbooks
    • Expand the use of OER’s and Immediate Access Textbooks in our classes
  • Support Expansion of CyRide’s Electric Bus Fleet
  • Double Available StuGov Funding for Sustainability
    • Raising the cap on the Green Initiatives Account to give greater flexibility and
      support for sustainable projects.
  • Support Expansion of Composting Program
    • Advocate for more composting sites.
    • Encourage more students to take part in composting.
  • Expand Mental Health Resources
    • Lobby for Telehealth Access, Advocate for More Counseling Services, and
      Promote Suicide Prevention Training.
  • Combat Sexual Violence
    • Make prevention a priority by partnering with Greendot and other services
    • Support response efforts by working to make sure survivors receive the
      resources they need.
  • Promote First Amendment Know-How
    • Promote the usage of the University’s new First-Amendment Course
  • Greater Career Support for International Students
    • Establish an International Student Career Services Coordinator Position to work with ISSO and Career Services Office.
  • Intentional Recruitment in Diverse Communities
    • Make clear and persistent efforts to invite diverse students to join Student
      Government and serve on University Committees.
  • Promote Greater Awareness And Accommodations For Students During Their
    Religious Holidays
    • Create a calendar of religious holidays to be shared with professors.
    • Work to assure accommodations for students during their religion’s holidays.

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