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My name is Ryan Hurley, I'm originally from Boston, but came to Iowa State for college. Some of my hobbies include reading, politics, history, and architecture. My top three favorite books are "Fight Club", "A Confederacy of Dunces", and "The Death of the West". My top two political inspirations are Theodore Roosevelt (for his contributions in creating the National Parks) and Patrick Buchanan (for his contributions to conservatism and thoughts on immigration). My favorite historical figure is Julius Caesar, as I find his campaigns through Gaul and his tragic demise fascinating. My favorite architecture on campus is a tie between Curtiss Hall and Lagomarcino. I think buildings like Carver and Ross are very unaesthetic, along with all of brutalism. Humanity should strive for beautiful buildings.

My goals are to reduce the amount of money in Student Government, increase the beauty of campus through achievable and low cost methods, ensure that ISUPD has full cooperation with national agencies like the DEA and ICE (in order to keep campus safe), and other things. I believe that Student Government should not take such a large portion of money from students who need it more, and the most effective way to permanently stop that is to cut the funding Student Government receives. In regards to my campus beauty ideas, I would install a ballot bin at Lake Laverne near the Memorial Union, this area constantly is filled with cigarettes flicked to the ground, a ballot bin would allow people to place them in and ensure that area remains clean. I hope this will be a fulfilling year, and I truly do believe these goals can be achieved.

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