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University Lectures, Rules, Student Initiatives, ISUPD Advisory Board, Transportation Advisory Council
Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Political Science

?. 2020-21 Engineering Senator at Iowa State University, returning from 2019-20.
Reach out or email for questions/comments/support. Happy to help™!

Hello! I am Advait, and this is my third year representing students. I’ve seen the change we as students can bring about on campus; I’ve had the privilege of representing Engineering this last year, and I ran again because I want to continue giving students the best possible experience and making sure that they get their money’s worth. I have had the pleasure of creating deep, productive working relationships with other Student Government members, faculty, and administration members over the past years, and these are instrumental in making changes. Additionally, I would like to continue bridging the gap between Student Government and Engineering by implementing Senator Open Forums in a greater capacity than we did last year. I’d also like to better establish a two-way street with Engineering Student Council and institute better outreach.
I have been insistent upon financial prudence all my term, and with declining enrollment I would stress on the need to be more efficient with the way funding is put out, and be more scrutinizing with budgets.
Lastly, I want to keep working on bettering Campus Climate so that everyone feels welcome, and continue working with the College of Engineering and the Deans in this area. I also have been active “behind the scenes” with initiatives to better the college experience, such as with attempting to add a Parking tab to MyState.
I strive to be someone who is aware for you as a student and your concerns, someone who is concerned about campus, making everyone feel welcome and the upcoming financial limitations, and has the experience doing this ever since they came to campus.

Giving students the best possible experience
Protecting Student Rights
Bettering Campus Climate
More collaboration with Engineering clubs and student councils
Establish student frameworks with CoE and College Deans
Holding the University Accountable
Ensuring financial stability and prudence

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