Greene Hanyang

Lydia Greene and Josh Hanyang for Executive Slate 2020


Countdown to the vote with our team! Voting begins on March 3rd and ends at 11:59pm on March 4th. In the meantime, feel free to check out our page and find the reason YOU support our campaign. Together, let’s Raise the Standard!

Meet our team!

Lydia Greene is in her third year at Iowa State studying political science. For the past year, Lydia has been serving as a student senator for the Liberal Arts and Sciences college.

During her freshman and sophomore years, Lydia served as a legislative ambassador. During that time, she focused on lobbying legislators to pass medical amnesty, expand mental health access as well as fight against raising tuition.

Sophomore year was an eventful year for Lydia, as she also served as the Vice President of the Iowa State Democrats and as a Legislative Clerk for Representative Dave Maxwell (R) at the statehouse in Des Moines.

During her junior year, Lydia served as Co-President of the ISU Democrats and continues to be a Clerk in Des Moines. Because of these experiences and her time as a senator, Lydia decided to run for the Student Body Executive Slate with Senator Joshua Hanyang.

Lydia resonates with the ISU slogan, “choose your adventure” because she knows the importance of a tailored experience for everyone’s best personal growth. This is why her and the team have chosen to raise the standard at ISU!

Joshua Hanyang is in his fourth year studying Management Information Systems with a minor in Music Technology at Iowa State University.

In the past year, he has served as a senator for the Ivy College of Business, as a Cyclone Aide, as a  treasurer for the Iowa State Singers, a member of the Multicultural Business Network, and as a Student Relations co-chair for Ivy Student Council, while working as a senior Audio-Visual technician. He believes that effective student leaders find ways to help their community in both wide-reaching initiatives and personal, small-scale involvement. Within his own college, Josh has sought out student feedback through outreach, has participated in and planned annual Building Our Community events, and has been a part of administrative review for programs. Additionally, Josh emphasizes that a fair and empathetic environment is necessary for students to realize their full potential in college, and has been a leader in pushing for inclusivity at ISU. While being grateful to mentors who allowed him to find his space for success, he knows that there are still students who are underrepresented or dissatisfied with campus climate. Josh is incredibly honored and excited to take part in this campaign to serve all students and raise the standard of the student body.

Hayat Sumael is a sophomore from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She is double majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice Studies, with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She is a Student Government Senator for Off-Campus. She is the president of Vote Everywhere, a civic engagement organization. She is passionate about the Greene/Hanyang campaign because she believes that Lydia and Josh have ideas that create inclusivity and awareness that we need on our campus. She believes that Lydia and Josh have an action plan that is attainable and will make Iowa State a better place.

In her free time, Hayat loves watching crime shows, reading, listening to political podcasts, and music.

Sarah is a senior in psychology with a minor in political science. While not currently a part of Student Government, Sarah did serve as the Co-Director of Events for IRHA her freshman year, serving dorm constituency to her greatest ability with managed events such as Mugs’n’Mac as well as organizing Residence Hall Week. Now, in her time outside of class, she works for a law firm based out of Missouri helping with her two favorite things: people and the legal world. She is passionate about this campaign because she believes that Lydia and Josh both want actionable change that is representative of student body needs. 

Her favorite things include:

The best team in baseball (The Cubs), elephants, teal blue and the movie Forrest Gump. She also LOVES dogs and owns too many beanies.

Our Platform at a Glance

Diversity and Inclusion
Mental Health Awareness
Green Initiatives
Student Government Transparency
ISU 101

There are several initiatives that we want to push for under-represented and marginalized communities on campus. We believe that the largest struggles for minority groups is the thought system that each group is inherently the same as a marginalized community. We want to work to expand the understanding in administration and on campus that LGBTQIA+ communities, racial and ethnic minorities, and other minimized groups are different in their problems and need individual solutions.

We want to do this in the following ways:

  • Co-Directors of Diversity and Inclusion in Student Government
  • Having Sponsored Change in Diversity Requirement
  • Optional DIS groups for LGBTQIA+ community members
  • More diversified question drop downs for ISU websites
  • Building Our Community events
Each point will be broken down in more depth below:

Co-Directors of Diversity and Inclusion in Student Government

  • Currently, there is one Director of Diversity and Inclusion in Student Government to represent the interests of both POC and LGBTQIA+ groups. We feel that the issues faced by each group and the students represented share interests, but have their own unique problems as well. We want to create a second director position in order to reflect more accurately the needs of each individual group.
    • By creating this chair, we represent more targeted needs of marginalized groups with better representation for each categorical community.

Having Sponsored Change in Diversity Requirement

  • The current requirements for ISU students is 3 credits in International Perspectives and 3 credits in Diversity requirements. We want to expand the 3 credit requirements to 6 credits in Diversity in order to reduce campus climate issues. This would also help expand credits required outside of major required classes, which can be beneficial for more rigorous majors.

Optional DIS Groups for LGBTQIA+ community 

  •  We want to work directly with New Student Programs and the Office of Admissions to expand Destination Iowa State to ensure the quality of new student experiences in a welcoming Iowa State community. By creating an *optional* group for LGBTQIA+ community members, we allow people of that group to experience a more unique and tailored welcome experience with greater access to information of on-campus resources for their community. It would also allow for increased community outreach before the start of school in order to foster healthy and open relationships within the Iowa State Community.
    • All attended events would be the same as other DIS groups, there would simply be an additional group session for resources on campus for given community members, similar to TRANSFERmation DIS groups that tailor the event discussions to transfer student experiences.
    • Again, we want to reiterate that this would be an optional group, each experience within ANY community is different, however, if possible we want to make the transition for potentially newly out members or less comfortable members both inclusive and accepting.

More Diversified question drop downs for ISU websites

  • There are still numerous websites, forums, and applications through Iowa State that are not inclusive in their options and preferences. We want to include more options besides female and male on all websites, with greater option than ‘other’ as a classification. The same applies to any lack in diversified answer options where more classifications should be available. We do NOT all fit in a list of boxes, Iowa State should recognize, embrace, and support our diversity as a campus and as individuals.

Building Our Community Events

  • Each college is a collection of individuals with varying concerns and considerations. Thus, each college should have an easier forum to discuss its shortcomings and also its achievements. We want to work with Deans and other administration within each individual college to create events of discussion and camaraderie between administration and its students.
    • Some colleges excel with intercollegiate communication, we want to expand this to all colleges and foster deeper relations between faculty and students. 

As a collective, we want to ensure greater representation of all marginalized groups through various outlets across campus. Help us Raise the Standard by voting Greene/Hanyang on March 3rd and 4th.

Startling statistics make this fight important. 39% of college students at one time or another experience a mental health problem. 2 out of every 3 students who struggle with anxiety or depression do not seek help. At Iowa State, we want to make a change in those statistics and make it more accessible to receive the services we already have to offer. 

We want to introduce two large initiatives in terms of Mental Health Support:

  • Automated scheduling for Counseling Services
  • De-stressor Deals

Each point is broken down in more detail below:

Automated scheduling for Counseling Services

  • The current system in student services has walk-in hours Monday-Thursday 8:00am-3:00pm. These are times when someone struggling can walk in and talk about their best plan for self recovery, however, these are small times and require 90 minutes for the initial contact. Students spend approximately 45-60 minutes filling out online paperwork in person. We want to allow for preliminary paperwork to be filled out online in the comfort of any safe environment and then students receive a list of times to come in and speak to a therapist and discuss their best options.
    • This would help cut down on those lost to the daunting 90 minute first appointment time and increase accessibility to the incredible services we already have to offer. It would also allow for a better scheduling of time for those in student services to make initial consultations. We would still keep the walk-in service in place as well for those that prefer the face to face system.

De-Stressor Deals

  • We want to work with local businesses to get health and wellness focused discounts for students during prep (previously referred to as dead) week. This would stimulate business in Ames as well as encouraging students to continue healthy eating and working habits during the most stressful time of the year.

While we have you here, to anyone who is struggling or knows someone who is struggling with their mental health, we encourage you to explore the resources that Iowa State has to offer:

Also, if you’re just having an off day and need music to get you back on track, take a listen to our spotify! 

Find us @GH2020, there is also a link below!

Iowa state has proven itself time and time again to be one of the most eco-friendly campuses in both the state of Iowa and the Midwest as a whole. While efforts on campus are incredible, we want to continue to push these green initiatives on and off campus. Each student has an impact, we want to make all of ours a more positive footprint left on campus.

We want to do this in the following ways:

  • Expanding Solar Lighting on Campus
  • Residence Hall Recycling Competitions
  • Solar Charging Stations
  • Increased paper and recycled dining materials
Each point will be broken down in more depth below:

Expanding Solar Lighting on Campus

  • Currently, the lighting on campus is both limited and not as eco-friendly as it can be. There was a recent initiative through Student Government to add light posts with solar power to both increase safety and minimize energy consumption. We want to push this initiative further and on a larger scale in order to maximize on campus energy efficiency and safety.

Residence Hall Recycling Competitions

  • We want to work directly with IRHA and the residence hall department to create an annual competition among dorms to increase proper recycling. Essentially, green recycling champion shirts would be bought each year, and distributed to the floor of each residence hall that had the most recycled products. Materials could be counted by a recycling chair on the floor, with deductions for corrugated cardboard and unclean products. Competition would increase proper recycling for a small price overall.

Solar Charging Stations

  • Each student has a busy life, sometimes that life can include unexpected long days on campus with the only time for recharge being a cup of coffee on the go. That being said, long days aren’t great for technology either; we want to work with each college and the ISU Foundation in order to raise funds to expand the implementation of on campus charging stations.
    • Right now, one of the only buildings with a convenient charging station in a central location is Marston, we want to expand this ease of access to more buildings, while still using solar energy in order to lower campus non-renewable energy consumption.

Increased Paper and Recycled Dining Materials

  • The University of Iowa (apologies for this language) is beating us when it comes to paper product usage on campus. Our dining services are incredible in offering to go flex meal options, but we can do better than the plastic they are wrapped in and the plastic utensils that come with. We want to work with dining in order to improve plastic consumption through on-campus dining. 

In general, we want to work towards an even greener campus; to help with that initiative and to help us Raise the Standard, vote Greene/Hanyang on March 3rd and 4th.

Another big thing the Greene/Hanyang campaign wants to push for within Student Government is transparency. Communication can sometimes be misunderstood between students and Student Government. Some still do not know what Student Government does, so making sure that we are being transparent as possible to the students will create a safe space for the student body. We want to build connections with students and know that they are not just being represented by student government, but they are part of governing body.

We want to bridge the communication gap with Student Government and students of Iowa State University by doing the following things:

  • Having a Question Hotline
  • The expansion of “fireside chats”

Each point will be broken down in more depth below:

Having a Question Hotline 

  • Currently, when students send out emails, they send it out to President Wintersteen not knowing that Student Government can help with their immediate issues. The largest issue with this route of communication, is that staff reads Wintersteen emails and forwards it to other offices on campus, creating a loop of conversation that may take weeks to get a resolution. We want to create a quick and easy hotline that gets directed to the President and VP of Student Government, with categorical comments and complaints that can more quickly and accurately be addressed.
    • By doing this, it would be a quicker way to get a proper response to the students in need of immediate attention. It would help create a reliable resource for students and continue to minimize the separation in communication between students and Student Government.

The Expansion of “Fireside Chats”

  • The Fireside chats have been a tradition carried on by the last few presidencies as a way of bridging the information gap between students and Student Government. The issue now is both duration and visibility.
    • We want to expand fireside chats into more forms of social media, and advertise it more to new students (including through DIS and ISU101). We also want to shorten the duration of fireside chats to include bold topic points that keep students in-the-know, without taking up more than a minute of their day.

The Greene/Hanyang campaign wants to ensure that we are as transparent as possible to be a greater resource to our students than just funding organizations. We want to promote more communication between the students and Student Government. Help us Raise the Standard by voting Greene/Hanyang on March 3rd and 4th.

Iowa State offers a wide variety of services to students, the problem comes in when students do not know where to access these services. We want to start an initiative for a one credit, half semester class that would be reciprocal to Lib160. This course would help acclimate new students to campus in a plethora of ways.

We want to include these objectives in ISU101:

  • In-depth information about Mental Health Resources
  • Information about educational resources
  • LGBTQIA+ and other inclusivity training
  • Rental and Tenant Guides for future years on campus
  • Financial Training (extension of Cash Course)

Each point will be broken down in more depth below:

In-depth information about Mental Health Resources

  • On campus resources are plentiful. ISU offers counseling and psychiatric care through Student Services and Thielen health services. Most students are unaware of these *free* programs offered through Iowa State and thus do not take advantage of them. By creating an online course that presents this information to students, there is a greater chance of those falling through the cracks. 

Information about educational resources

  • Another source of missing information is in relation to academic success guides we have on campus. There are several outlets for struggling students and even students who just want extra help in general. Student services offers career counseling, ISU offers tutoring and each college has advisors that will guide you in your writing. The problem is that these services, while extremely accessible, are not discussed enough with new students. We want to add this course as a means of dispersing information in a great way that requires students to become knowledgeable about their resources.

LGBTQIA+ and other inclusivity training

  • With recent campus climate issues, we want to work to create ISU101 as a means of mediating these issues by ironing out ignorance in less discussed topics. We want to have a large focus of the class be an explanation in what is and is not acceptable when discussing sexuality, gender and backgrounds of POC as well. There is a strive towards excellence from our campaign that wants to push past racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry and more. 

Rental and Tenant Guides for future years on campus

  • The smallest portion of ISU101 would be focused on rental information. Most students choose to live off campus after their freshman year, but those students are usually unaware of their rights as tenants and what is required of being a renter. This would be a focus during one week of the course, which could impact the future rental choices of a lot of students. 

Financial Training (extension of Cash Course)

  • The problem for a lot of students on campus is money management, both before and after school. The running joke on various platforms of social media is that we all know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, but we don’t know how to file taxes. ISU101 could change that. In an extension of Cash Course that each freshman must take, this would fit into ISU101 and serve as a multipurpose guide to the financial world. This would help with student loans, taxes, credit and more.

We would love to write an entire platform on ISU101 itself, in short it would be a way for new students to get an easy credit learning valuable information for their life as a student and in general. This one credit class would be held in the other half of the semester as LIB160 and serve as an incredible way to promote the services ISU already has to offer.

ISU 101 helps embody the entire campaign, we want to push for a knowledgeable and forward thinking campus. We want a campus of unity and support which can be accomplished with the more information we disseminate. Help the vision of ISU101 come to fruition by voting Greene Hanyang on March 3rd and 4th and work towards raising the standard.

Meet Our Other Behind the Scenes Team Members!!

Megan Ziemann (She/Her)

Social Media Coordinator

Megan Ziemann

Megan is a junior in marketing, and creating professional social media content is one of her passions! She has represented the university as a Cyclone Aide and as a leader within the Honors Program!

Alex Klein (He/Him)

Public Relations Coordinator

Alex Klein

Alex is a senior studying history at Iowa State University with a minor in political science and sociology. I serve as a Senator in student government and I sit on the Diversity and Inclusion committee.

Devyn Leeson (He/Him)

Personal Relations Coordinator

Devyn Leeson

Devyn is a junior studying public relations and political science. He represents students on the Ames City Council as a non-voting member.

Emily Fuller (She/Her)

Photographer @emrayphoto

Emily Fuller

Emily is a sophomore in graphic design. She is the publicity chair for Hixson student board and has been doing photography for 3 years. In the past year, she has created her own business, Em Ray Photography.


"I am excited to endorse the Greene Hanyang campaign for Student Government President and Vice-President. Lydia Greene and Josh Hanyang have consistently championed diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and mental-health awareness and accessibility. I know first-hand how determined and committed Lydia and Josh are in building a stronger community and giving back to students – demonstrated through their work as senators for the College of LAS and Ivy College of Business by displaying prominent leadership qualities and creating avenues for minority students to express their voices. I am confident that Lydia and Josh can deliver on their promises, empower and represent minority groups, and to raise the standard. I hope everyone considers voting for them on March 3 rd and 4 th ."

Derek Lutt

President of Iowa State Singers

"I chose to endorse the Greene-Hanyang campaign for a number of reasons. Firstly, I believe their platform is reflective of what I want to see as a student at Iowa State. I believe that through the different proposed initiatives laid out by their platform such as their sustainability efforts, commitment to transparency, and improvement of campus climate, Iowa State University’s campus as a whole will benefit greatly. Secondly, I have known and worked with Josh over the past year through Ivy Student Council. Having worked with Josh, I have been able to witness his leadership skills in actions and can confidently say that he is a great candidate for Vice President. Although I don’t know Lydia as well, through my conversations with Josh, I understand that she possess very strong leadership capabilities and is a great candidate for President of Iowa State University’s Student Government."

Corey Wagner

President Of Ivy Student Council

"My name is Vianka Damas Rosales, and I have chosen to endorse the GreeneHanyang campaign for the executive office in the 2020 Student Government General Election. I am supporting their campaign because of the platform they have created. Diversity and inclusion have become an important topic on campus, and with their personal values, I believe they can make a change. Additionally, they are willing to make changes to our campus to be more green due to all the changes with global warming."

Vianka Damas Rosales

President Of Multicultural Business Network

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Greene Hanyang campaign – Lydia Greene and Joshua Hanyang are two of the most dedicated civil servants that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Their attention and genuine care for every single one of their constituents is reflected in their Student-Centered Platform. Their Environmental Initiatives and focuses on Mental Health Awareness and Diversity & Inclusion are staples of a platform that wants to serve not for themselves, but to do their best to enhance the experience of every student. I am wholeheartedly convinced that Lydia and Josh will do exactly what they promise – Raise the Standard at Iowa State University. I am elated to formally endorse Lydia Greene and Joshua Hanyang for the offices of President and Vice President of the ISU Student Body. I strongly encourage that you cast your vote for them on March 3rd and 4th."

Grant Becker

President and Voice Department Chair of the Music Student Representative Council

"In my year as a Frederiksen Court Senator, I think the question I’ve probably answered the most is “What does Student Government even do?” While clubs and their leadership usually have at least an idea of Student Government operation and importance, I’m not sure how informed the rest of the general student body is. Lydia and Josh’s StuGov Transparency plan to establish a Presidential Question Hotline and expand the Fireside Chats is, in my opinion, a phenomenal initiative to get more relevant information out to students, faster. I was the first of three brothers to attend ISU, and with each new sibling that comes here, I find myself having to explain very basic campus resources over and over again. Personally, I think that an ISU 101 course like the one outlined by the Greene Hanyang campaign could be invaluable to incoming students, and would allow the programs it describes to focus more of their resources on fulfilling their mission rather than simply trying to get the word out about their existence. I fully expect Lydia and Josh to raise the standard, and I’m excited to endorse them in the hopes of seeing them do just that."

Nick Kline

Fredericksen Court Senator

"I have had the privilege of serving on Student Government with Lydia Greene and Josh Hanyang over this past school year and am thrilled to endorse them for Student Government President and Vice President. They care about representing all students at Iowa State and have shown their ability to stand up for what is right rather than sticking with the status quo and doing what is easy. As the Director of Sustainability, I am excited about their sustainability initiatives for Iowa State. I believe they are the best candidates to make Iowa State greener and represent cardinal, gold, and green!"

Izzy Wilde

Student Government Director of Sustainability

"It is my pleasure to endorse the Greene Hanyang campaign for the 2020 Student Government Election. Their platform focuses on very important initiatives that need to be implemented at Iowa State. As affiliates of ISU, we must value our community and improve our campus-wide Mental Health awareness and Diversity & Inclusion, in addition to taking care of our campus via sustainability efforts. Lydia and Josh's leadership and goals are a great representation of what makes Iowa State students so remarkable. I truly believe they will make a meaningful impact on campus."

Gracen Kahler

President of Collegiate Women in Business