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Student Government

NOTE: All Applications are due by 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 17
Exception: ISU Ambassadors application is due by 11:59pm on Sunday, September 24

Finance Committee

The mission of the Finance Committee is to effectively administer the allocation and monitoring of Student Activity Fees and the financial affairs of the Senate. The committee conducts the spring Regular Allocation process where they hold hearings with over one-hundred student organizations to determine allocations for the next school year. The committee also reviews financial legislation and offers a recommendation to the senate.

The voting members of the committee include four (4) senators, four (4) at-large representatives, one (1) Graduate and Professional Student Senate appointee, the Student Government Treasurer, and a Student Government Adviser. The committee is chaired by the Student Government Finance Director. You can reach out to the Finance Director by emailing

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Green Initiatives Fund Committee

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Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee strives to build connections between the student body at Iowa State University and Student Government. Through outreach tactics and student engagement, our mission is to inform students of what we can do for YOU and gather feedback on how we can improve YOUR Cyclone experience. Our goal is to also improve transparency of legislation, funding, projects/initiatives, etc. that benefit you on campus.

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University Affairs Committee

The University Affairs Committee is a project based committee. The committee focuses on improving Cyclone life by working on projects and initiatives that directly benefit students. Examples of past projects range from implementing new solar trash compactors on campus to building a database of places in Ames that give student discounts.

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ISU Legislative Ambassadors

Iowa State Legislative Ambassadors is a group dedicated to creating a bridge between the students of Iowa State's campus and real world politics. ISU Legislative Ambassadors not only works towards political ends, but also to enhance the professionalism and leadership abilities of all its members. Legislative Ambassadors are hard working students, committed to creating a positive image and strong future for Iowa State University.

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Election Commission

The election commission is organized to carry out the handlings of the Student Government elections. Commission members, along with the Election Commissioner, will work to create rules and regulations of the elections, establish a timeline for election events, carry out hearings on violations, and most importantly to promote participation in the elections. Our goal is to push for at least 15% of the student population voting, and every single seat having at least one candidate on the ballot at election time. Commission members, upon appointment, will serve till they decide not to or till they are no longer a student at Iowa State University.

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