Get Involved​

Get Involved​

From running for a Senate seat, applying for a Cabinet position, or joining one of our committees as an At-large, there are many ways to get involved in Student Government. Every position within Student Government offers an opportunity to make a difference here at Iowa State and an opportunity to put your leadership skills to work. 


On the top half of this page, you will find all of the committees students are able to apply for as either a Senator, Cabinet member, or an At-large. An At-large is any student who is currently not a senator or cabinet member, but is still interested in being involved. For more information on each of our committees and how to apply, please visit the committee’s page. 


If you are interested in running for senate or an executive position, please visit the “Election Information Page” located toward the bottom of this page. *Note that Student Government elections take place in the spring semester, but committee positions are typically filled during the fall semester.*

Committees of the Government

The Student Body consists of various different committees each with their own purpose for assisting students. You can find a list of each committee below:

Open Positions

Every year the student body appoints members to help assist the committee and the Student Government. You can find more about any position availability below.

Election Information

This section will be updated soon.

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