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Morgan Fritz

“My name is Morgan Fritz and I am currently a sophomore studying Political Science at Iowa State University. I have been involved in Student Government the past two years serving as a Legislative Ambassador, and now as the Collegiate Panhellenic Council Senator. Outside of that, I am proud to be a part of the Sorority and Fraternity Community as a member of Alpha Delta Pi, have served as a sophomore advisor for President Wintersteen’s Leadership Class, and have worked as a Cyclone Aide. I am running for Student Body President because I believe that I have the potential to represent the best interests of all students. I am passionate about working with others to create solutions and I have experience doing so. I love this school and the Iowa State community, and I want to see the best for it. If elected, I promise to try my best to make our campus greater.”

Jacob Schrader

“My name is Jacob Schrader and I am a junior studying Economics and Political Science from Sioux Center, Iowa. I have been a Student Government Senator for three years, and am currently serving in the role of Vice Speaker. Outside of Student Government, I lead a bible study, have interned for Governor Reynolds and Senator Grassley, and try to cheer on the Cyclones at as many sporting events as I can. I am passionate about bettering the student experience- during my time in Student Government I have worked on projects such as affordable housing, student voting, electric CyRide buses, and student rights. I am running for Student Body Vice President because we are in a pivotal moment in Iowa State’s history. Students deserve a Student Body President and Vice President that know how to reach out to students and work towards solutions to our complex problems. I am excited to get started and work for all Cyclones“.

As members of the Iowa State community, we want nothing more than to help improve the campus around us for all Cyclones . Our platform is comprised of high-reaching, tangible plans that will push Iowa State University to greater heights. To view the contents of each platform tenant, click the dropdown arrow to the left. 

We care about making college affordable for all Iowa State students. More than lobbying the state government and making vague promises, we have actionable items within our platform that will help all Cyclones deal with the rising costs of secondary education.

  • Income Share Agreements: Instead of taking out loans each semester, income share agreements allow students to pay for their tuition upfront and later pay a fixed percentage of their income after college as opposed to a fixed dollar amount like a loan. This protects against underemployment and unemployment ruining a student’s future financials. This is currently a program used at Purdue, and further information can be found at the link below:
  • 1-Day Orientation Option: Traditionally, new student orientation is a two-day experience. While orientation is an excellent resource for all students, it can place an undue, unnecessary financial burden on some families. Often, families must take several days off of work, find overnight lodging, and deal with travel costs. By providing a one-day option to new students, families have the opportunity to have a more cost-effective orientation experience. 
  • Open Education Resources (OER) Expansion: Open Educational Resources are free alternatives to the expensive prices of textbooks. Currently, several professors at Iowa State have made a commitment to use Open Educational Resources in their classrooms, but not enough. Additionally, professors may use immediate access alternatives that are low-cost alternatives to current textbook prices. Our campaign wants to expand the grant program that incentivizes professors to make their materials available for free or low cost to students.
  • Official Ticket Resale: Currently, there is no official way to re-sell unwanted student tickets to Iowa State sporting events. Because most of these tickets are sold student-to-student, there is no way to verify the authenticity of tickets until you get to the stadium. Our campaign hopes to work with Iowa State Athletics to create an online platform for students to easily sell and buy student tickets. 

It’s clear that racism, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and bigotry occur on our campus. The last few years have shown the unfortunate prevalence of these actions even today. Additionally, the results of the 2017 ISU Campus Climate Survey showed four main problem areas, which includes a  “hostile campus climate for political conservatives, hostile campus climate for Women Students, harassment based on individuals’ race or ethnicity, and sexual assault/harassment.” Cultivating an inclusive and welcoming environment through tangible policy changes helps to create a community that surpasses the principles that we’ve set out. 

  • Cultural Competency Training Expansion: We applaud the university’s action to require all faculty and students to complete a cultural competency training, but we do not want this to be a “one and done” event. We will hold the university to their promise of an annual campaign to reduce cultural bias at Iowa State, and look towards opportunities to expand this program to the student body.
  • Expanded Menstrual Product Locations: Currently, several areas on campus offer free menstrual products for students. Our campaign hopes to expand these locations to ensure that all areas of campus have these products for those that need them.
  • “Rooney Rule” for Naming Buildings: We would like to introduce the “Rooney Rule” in the naming of university buildings. This is currently used in the NFL, which requires teams hiring head coaches to at least interview a candidate from a marginalized group. Applied to Iowa State, we would like the committee that chooses the building names to  at least consider one female and one candidate from a marginalized group. This will ensure that qualified and deserving candidates are not unfairly left out of the process.
  • “Know Your Rights” Session: Many students across campus are unsure of the rights that they hold. The university has recently been sued for violations of due process and the 1st Amendment. When students are empowered about the rights they hold they can defend their rights, leading to a more fair and equal campus. We would like information regarding rights to be distributed to students during their first days on campus.

As the next generation, climate change and sustainability are at the forefront of our minds. Iowa State can make changes in order to reduce our carbon footprint while attaining our college degree. Our campaign has spoken with university administration to layout attainable actions that our community can take today to lessen our environmental impact.

  • Expand Biodiesel and Electric Bus Use: As a member of the CyRide Board of Trustees, our Vice Presidential candidate has overseen the expansion of biodiesel buses (which get 50% higher miles per gallon than regular diesel buses) and the addition of two battery electric buses to CyRide’s future fleet. Those 2 electric buses will take 122,561 pounds of carbon out of the air annually. The continuing of the fleet conversion to greener alternatives is a strong priority.
  • Support the Plan to Reduce Carbon Emission by 50% in the Next 10 Years: Last year, Facilities Planning and Management, the department responsible for ISU’s infrastructure, attended a Student Government meeting and outlined plans to reduce carbon emissions at Iowa State by 50% within the next ten years. While this plan is being revised and seeking approval, our campaign not only approves of this plan but hopes the university adopts a similar one that also achieves no additional long-term cost to students.
  • Expand Composting: An easy and attainable step to reduce the amount of trash at Iowa State is to compost paper towels on campus. Our campaign will work with the Director of Sustainability in our cabinet to expand the composting opportunities available on campus, such as the pilot program available at Fredrickson Court, for years to come. 

Want to learn more about our platform? Join us for our Meet the Candidates Event on February 6th in the Memorial Union!

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