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Student Initiatives Committee Open Meeting

Student Initiatives Committee Open Meeting Hello everyone! Student Initiatives Committee will see a resolution about prairies, the StuGov president’s statement, and renaming a golf hole this Wednesday. These will then be sent on to Senate.Reach out to Committee Chair Advait M. ( with questions/comments.Please stop by with any suggestions/amendments/questions! 2020-3-090 Document 2020-3-091 Document 2020-3-092 Document

Women’s Week 2021

Women’s Week March 8-12 The 2021 Women’s Week is a celebration of all women everywhere! This conference is during Women’s History Month with the goal of empowering and highlighting strong women. Throughout this week we will have keynote speakers and panels discussing many different topics pertaining to women! For a full calendar of events please follow … Continue reading Women’s Week 2021

Scholarship Information at Iowa State

Scholarship Information at Iowa State With the Spring Semester resuming soon, many students may be interested in applying for additional scholarships. With that in mind, Julia Campbell has rounded up 12 tips pertaining to scholarship applications. These tips can be found by following the link below. Show More

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Website Redesign

We have exciting news! We are completely redesigning the Student Government website to create a better experience for you! (As a matter of fact, you are reading this article on the new website right now) We are hard at work this summer to transfer information from our old site and add a ton of new … Continue reading Website Redesign

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